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Lux A. Miganda
The only thing I know is how to write. It's a passion
The only thing I know is how to write. It's a passion


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Its never about love makin but growing in love
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That's. .... him
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He begged us not to cry because now he is free,

He now stays with the almighty in the palace promised to be,

He said he was tired and now he can rest,

He now enjoys the cool breeze and eats from the best,

I think he found peace in that special place,

Because even dark clouds bore rains,

And even the rains bring life

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‘So young,’ they said, as they laid her away,

‘She will never toil these grounds,

And we will soon forget the touch of her hands,

Soon we will forget the words she usually said,

Even the look upon her head,’

They lit candles of white,

And told stories all night,

And kept warm with her memories,

Till the next dawn broke,

In the middle they kept her image,

It read: a loving mom and daughter,

She has gone up to be with the rising sun,

But still they whisper ‘gone too soon.’

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Is it not enough that I have to look like my father,

I also have to act like him too,

Your father went to university,

You should too,

Your father commanded respect,

He was cut from the best,

I’m really sick of every time being compared to him,

I am my own man and you should let me be,

I do not want be empty and hollow,

Always being looked down upon,

An empty shadow
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Many years have gone by,

It seems like time really flies,

Once you were but a speck,

But now you have grown into your own man,

Your once squeaky voice,

Has now turned into manly noise,

Your once tiny arms,

Now can’t fit into my palms,

How I wish every moment I would be with you forever,

But it seems like life has another agenda,

All I can say is right under the sun,

My boy you have grown into a man,

You are your father’s son.

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I look into her eyes,

And all I see is the beauty of the sun,

How each shape and cloud is reflected in your eyes,

Is just as amazing, a miracle from God,

It seems like God gave me a slice of heaven,

And all the proof is in my daughters eyes,

There is nothing as beautiful as this sight,

The silver linings that make everything so bright.

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Awoken at midnight by your screeching cries,

Is what I learnt where true love lies,

The joy of being a mother is reflected in the child’s eyes.

How wonderful it feels telling the stories,

It’s now that I finally heed what I once considered boring,

 My mother once told me these same tales.

In baby’s deep slumber I break a smile,

Because it seems the exact what my mother told a while,

A blessing in disguise it’s turned to be.

What was once a child is now a mother

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