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Many of the concepts covered during this course
relate to Simon Sinek’s ideas in his book “Leaders Eat Last”. Course readings assessed
the challenges faced in the Information Society on a larger scale while Sineck’s
book looked at many small examples and tr...

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People as Numbers
Simon Sinek discusses that in an environment without connections workers have
become numbers rather than real individual people.  Due to the increasing size of corporations it
is no longer possible to know everyone who works in a corporation. Theref...

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Toxic Work Environments
Simon Sinek explains that in reality very few
workplaces operate in this ideal framework, Sinek goes on to explain that due
to the lack of this ideal environment our jobs are literally killing us. Sinek
explains that many work environments lack trust and co...

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Real Vs. Virtual Connections
Sinek in his book, “Why Leaders Eat Last”, explains what qualities a good
leaders entails and what happens to a corporation and its people when a leader
does not create an ideal environment. This environment created by the leader
must allow workers to...
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