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I keep thinking that I wish there was more activity on G+ but I really only have myself to blame as I'm just as inactive.

Started really getting into Breaking Bad and I got all caught up to season 4. Now I'm only on episode 2 but so far its pretty cool. It's nice seeing the progression of normal good guy to bad guy to survive.

Cancelled Facebook for a bit.

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This isn't end of the world, but you can see it from here.

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Hey Google fans, they're answering back the Livingsocial and Groupons of the world with their own daily offer site. Check it out. Coming soon to Chicago.

Making some pizza from scratch for the first time. Most interested in how the dough is going to turn out, I've got the yeast resting now. Wish me luck!

Two client meetings in a week! I'm worried I might lose my reclusive web designer charm.

Ok so here's the deal: Google Plus needs some lovin' and lots of people are raging about FB's new changes which is getting people to turn here because there's now a viable alternative. I'm going to post every day here for the next week or so, more than my FB account, and make them public to see if we can get things rolling. Who's with me?

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I am so disappointed in the latest movies. Nothing good has come out in a long time.
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