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Majestic Sunrise from the Summit of Mount Fuji by Spreng Ben

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In the Photographer's words:

"Are 11 hours of hiking through the night worth this photo?

I really asked myself this question as I stood at the summit of Fuji-San in Tokyo, Japan. Me and three friends started around 8 pm at the bottom of the volcano. We hiked up the whole night until we arrived at the summit around 5 pm. Gasping for air I stood there and watched the spectacular sunrise above the pacific.

I can tell you the sunrise was majestic and definitely worth the hike! The bad thing was the descent. We arrived in a really aggressive mood around 14 pm at the bottom. You can or cannot imagine the scene.

The whole night there was the stress of hiking and after you got the present of seeing the sunrise you still have to hike down at temperatures close to zero degree with the fine stones that lash into your face and through your Jeans."
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and Yet we still divide and destroy our planet keeping playing non-consensually and exploitatively the predatory game of currency acquisition and maintaining the destructive, dysfunctional and unsustainable global economic and familial class system, individuals and group of people stepping on and crushing other individuals and groups of people. Pure Dysfunctional and Destructive Evil!!
In the Photographer's words:

"Are 11 hours of hiking through the night worth this photo?

amazing beauty like this is always worth it
Wow...Yes...worth it ! Thank you !
man if that ain't worth 11hrs hikin through the night i don't now what is.... truly it is a sight worth seeing even only once in your life.... reckon that is as close to seeing what heaven even remotly looks like in your life :D
Sweet pic man and i think 11hrs of hiking is well worth it .... :D
Just brilliant - well worth the walk.
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