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My full legal name anagrams to "I enjoy a darn nice life." I can't disagree.
My full legal name anagrams to "I enjoy a darn nice life." I can't disagree.

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A troubleshooting question for the Firefox-using Google+ers out there!

I have my Firefox browser (5.0.1 for the Mac) set up so that when I click on a link, it will a) open in another tab, and b) stay on the tab I was in when I clicked on the link. This works just fine unless I'm following a link shared on Google+, in which case a) is true, but b) breaks, and it automatically switches over to the tab with the link in it.

Is anyone else getting this? Does anyone know of anything I can do to fix it? It's driving me bats!

Thanks muchly.

On my ride to work today, I listened to a Dutch news podcast from last night, and on it they had a segment on the search for an alternative to the U.S. dollar as the "safe haven" currency for international investors. The expert they had on was going on and on about how any alternative currency should come from a country with a) conservative economic policies, and b) lots of natural resources still in the ground.

Now, I can't say that I'm terribly thrilled about either of these things, but if you were going to characterize Canada's position in the world today, the first two things you would probably have to mention would be its conservative economic policies and its natural resources. So I start getting all excited. Finally, Dutch journalists are going to remember that there is a Canada, and that it is an independent country from the U.S.! My adopted country is actually going to be talked about on the Dutch news in a way that doesn't have to do with which Dutch people are winning medals at the 2010 winter Olympics! I listen closer.

And then they start talking about Norway (?) and Australia (???).

Chopped liver, I'm telling you.

You know what I especially hope for Google+? Not just that it will replace Facebook, but also that it will replace Twitter! It's a much more efficient way of sharing links, you can be witty (or not) in slightly more than 140 characters, and if you want to quit ranting on to the world and share something with a smaller number of people, it's one click to limit things to one "circle", and then you can switch back to being public with another easy click. Please, Twitterverse? You know I'm right. And you already think Google is cool, so it's not even a hard sell.
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