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Mike Eitel
Toys, Movies and all the things.
Toys, Movies and all the things.

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Daily level 108 always gift twice a day. Looking for more. my city name is hookerville.

Can't finish timed quests anymore so I need more people. 

Is anyone completing the timed quests anymore, I need to know if I just need more neighbors or if they have made them impossible to complete. I used to be able to, now I am now a whole building upgrade. I guess if your not my neighbor add me please as well. 

Going on Vacation on Friday until the next Monday the 13th. So I will not be sending gifts. 

Looking for new neighbors. Name thedarksyde Level 80ish something. Play everyday. When I see you add, I'll add back. 

Hello everyone I will be on vacation starting tomorrow the 30th through Aug 8th. I will be on sometimes but not everyday I do not think.

Add me please, I gift everyday from wishlists. Please add me, invite me, whatever you can to get me on your list. I am one of the google android people with issues so I only get like 1 of every 5 adds I add. So please try to add me. Level 50. google name thedarksyde. I will attempt to add and invite everyone that replies.

Is it possible to complete timed quests with enough neighbors as free to play?   

I just need to get my mindset right.  Does anyone complete TC's with Free To Play Just with neighbors.  I do not see myself finishing this TC and I don't think even if I had a full set of 250 neighbors I would have?  Do you all finish them?

I am very confused about adding neighbors from here.   It looks like if you have a picture I get your stuff and I can add you.  If you have one of the android game center pictures when you get added you do not appear is that correct?   

Then there are neighbors who just have the blue faceless shape.  

What do I look like in game, this image I have or the android viking?  How do I fix it to where my image shows.   How can I tell the people with the android image they can't be added, if that is how it works.  

How can I get more Acts Of Territorial Expansion.   Is the rule for your neighbors to Acts > Wishlist?   

What are the wallets with the credit cards coming out that I earned.  I can not find much on the internet about them.  I think they have to do with city hall?  If I need to post somewhere else about it I can.  If this is not allowed. 
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