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How do you define happiness?
Many people say that their goal in life is to be happy. But not everyone define happiness in same way.  People often define happiness with "getting" something. For example, "I'll be happy when I get 1 000 000 EUROS." We want first to get something and then ...

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Blue backpack.
Hello! Happy Sunday!  Today I have a new outift post. I am wearing a coat from the last post. It's definitely my go to coat and I wear it too often because of great quality and, in my opinion, it's beautiful, I always had black coats and jackets, but this t...

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January thoughts.
Happy Wednesday! :) Christmas holidays are gone, time to get up and do some work this year. :) Many people make new decisions for the upcoming year and it's really nice to set up goals for the next 12 months. For some people those decisions make sense and t...

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Ljubljana, Slovenia
Hello everybody! It's nice to be back! Hello from my new home which is now Ljubljana,
Slovenia. I just moved here to do my placement. I'm studying in England,
Brimingham and on my second year I am obligated to go on work placement for
whole year.  We could ...

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5 Reasons Why Travelling Is So Amazing / YOUTUBE
Hi there! I have new video on my youtube channel where I am talking about travelling. I have few reasons why I think that travelling is so amazing and I decided to share them with you.  I hava always been passionate about travelling. There was something abo...

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big decisions has never been easy but it has always been exciting. One of my
biggest decisions ever was leaving my country which is Croatia to study in
England. Why I decided to do that? I decided to do such a big step because I
needed some change an...

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Happiness quotes.
I am that type of person who always finds inspiration and motivation in quotes. They truly inspire me and help me when I feel down. Sometimes one quote can open your eyes and change your outlook on life. Here are my favourite ones. :)   1. “Thousands of can...

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Hello. This post is going to be about my new home which is now in England as I already told you in my last post. So, I moved a few days ago to England, Birmingham. We travelled a lot, but it was worth of it. It was my first time flying with airplane and it ...
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