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What I can't help but remind myself of whenever I see these birds come up with stunts like this is that their brains are quite tiny, but they've evolved independently from our line for the past 260 million years. So be careful when you call someone a birdbrain!
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But isn't it more to do with the size in proportion to the body than absolute size?

"While the crow brain is indeed small (as are most bird brains), the corvid brain-to-body size ratio is greater than all other birds and greater than the ratio in humans and dolphins ..."
Explain whales then. Or why Bonobos are only on par with chimps.
Indeed, the crow's brain is large in comparison to its body size. Apparently, regardless of brain structure, there's enough brain left over for a crow to have fun.
Crows (and Ravens) really are quite awesome. As someone form Baltimore, it was pretty cool to see that.
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