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I am disabled and I am going to buy a new laptop. All the new laptops have off centered touchpads which makes it hard for me to use. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but there are times when I need a mouse. Does anybody know what would be a solution for my problem? I am hoping there is someone in this community has a similar problem or know of someone who does.
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I thought about a trackball mouse. My hand does not work as well as it used to.  On Amazon the mini trackballs have a lot of bad reviews. 
I never tried a mini trackball, but I have used some of Logitech's trackballs, and they are fairly good, once you get over the steep learning curve. However, they do require a bit of dexterity to move the ball, If you turn down the computer courser speed, you might be able to use this style better:

Unfortunately, I don't think they have that in wireless, which may be a problem. It is also slightly bigger that a normal mouse.

Another idea, if you use the laptop on a table is to use something like this:

This is a separate wireless trackpad for Windows PC's.  It's multi-touch and would allow you to sit it to the side that you prefer that is easiest for your own use.
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