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More in the Apple Maps fail department.

So +Matt Greenfield told me to find Hachiko, well you can't, furthermore there is no "Shibuya". It is not written, if you do not know where it should be, you cannot find it. If you zoom in, you will find the Apple Store Shibuya before you find the actual station.

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The train stations aren't even marked at all when you're zoomed out. It's like it's designed for people driving cars, which is ridiculous for Tokyo. And they don't show the train lines ANYWHERE.

The only way to find a train station is to already know where it is, then zoom in to that exact spot.
+Matt Greenfield True, if I would have zoomed out more, there would be nothing there. I knew where to search because I live here, imagine someone who has never been to Tokyo.
Actually Tokyo and Tsukuba (places ive been to) they need more google maps incorporated into them. But at least it's better than apple maps :( poor iphone users
+Manny J-Bad Well, I can use the Google maps via the browser. But yeah, poor Apple users.
Yea, I'm waiting until Google releases Maps before I upgrade to iOS6
Another bad thing is on the Apple maps they show all companies with the same dot. So if you zoom in to a busy commercial area and are looking for a specific company, you can't find it visually.

But on Google maps the companies show their logo, so you can easily see a 7-11 or Lawson or whatever.

So if you open the maps, get it to show your current location, then want to visually hunt around to see if there's a convenience store, ... you can't.
+Matt Greenfield The whole maps is a design failure that I wouldn't have expected from Apple. Is this the Post-Jobs apple?
I bet they made the decision ages ago, but only started to realise how big a mistake it was when it was too late to change their minds. 
Bit of a too big piece to chew. Google Maps didn't go awesome in half a year ...
It'll probably get better with time once more data's collected and more feedback is given.
+Bryan Elliott I hope so and I am sure it will. But the current situation is a joke and Apple should have known better.
Users are irrelevant! Sell the shiny!
Well, what a surprise. People buy shiny things :)
I think the iPhone 5 is the best pocket computer ever made. And the launch of it has been almost completely perfect. It's a shame they've ruined it with this massive step back for maps. 
+Matt Greenfield at least maps and transit functionality can always be updated. I keep my fingers crossed ... for a Google Map App :D
I love the inexistant gas station on the 246 and the apple store Shibuya on the top ^^
I love most the fact that there are no signals in the street maps. So awesome. Fuck yeah!
Then you can relax on the little park along Inokashira dori. Seibu and Marui city doesn't exist anymore. What? lol
In the Nike Homeless Relaxation Reservoir!
Interesting, I just got a friend with iOS6 on iPad to search for "Shibuya" in Apple Maps, and it came right up with Shibuya Station...

EDIT: If you search "渋谷駅" you get "No results found". LMAO.
Shibuya yes, but if you try Hachiko, which is in front of Shibuya station, you find nothing. Google maps goes to Hachiko, or at least recommends that.
Don't worry I am sure in about 3 - 4 years Apple maps will be up to date...
Ok my friend just searched "Shibuya"... rain of pinpoints in Shibuya. Then "渋谷駅" got him to the actual station...
Well, there goes any desire I had of buying an iPhone 5. Will wait for a Google maps app.
I bet Google won't bring out a maps app for many months. It's better for them to not do it, because it makes Apple's mistake look even worse. And Apple could even deny it, because it "replicates built in functionality".
+Michael Gakuran If maps are going to be your most important thing, it seems like an Android phone with GPS would be best? Google have the best maps by far.
+Matt Greenfield Maps are definitely the reason I've been considering a smartphone. But with the extra monthly charges and fragility, I've been thinking a GPS device might be a better thing for me. I'm happy with the phone part of my current clamshell model. And battery life, for that matter.
+松本呉 Softbank. Most of my friends are on it too, so white plan is a good thing for me.
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