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Lisa Van Veldhuizen
Wife, mom, teacher and runner! :)
Wife, mom, teacher and runner! :)

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Blue Lake Sprint Triathlong 2017
It was a good day. Actually it was a great day!! I'm still smiling about it. The week leading up to the triathlon was busy.  The school year is winding down, the students are winding up and I am definitely end-of-the-year teacher tired. Yep! lol But I was a...

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Oregon Dunes Triathlon 2017
I started going down the comparison road again a few weeks ago.  Not super bad but bad enough.  I was comparing myself to other athletes and worse, I was comparing myself to myself.  Thinking I'm not where I should be.  Frustrated that I weigh more than I d...

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One Tough Lady
What the heck?  This wasn't on the upcoming race list! I know!!  Right? This is a local triathlon and I didn't consider it because it was in between the Beaver Freezer and the Oregon Dunes Triathlon. But, since I didn't get to do the Beaver Freezer.... This...

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Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. In. Out. Breathe. Such a simple thing.  We do it 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for our entire life. And yet..... Some days it's hard to remember to just....Breathe. I have a tendency to worry and get in my own h...

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Beaver Freezer 2017
The first triathlon of 2017 has come and gone.  Lots of fun things to celebrate about this race.  A few things that didn't turn out quite like I had planned. Out of the group that all works with my coach, aka the Booth Bunch, my husband Joe, Marcus, Ron, Mi...

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Insulin Resistance
Health Update: I am going to share all the details about what's going on with my "tired thing" because I feel like there might be others that will benefit from the information that I'm learning right now.  I don't want to over share but at the same time thi...

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Working hrough the Frustrations
I love my job. I get to teach middle school students. My official job is to teach a program called AVID and Social Studies.  It's so much fun! But a lot of my job is teaching kids that it's okay to make mistakes.  That working hard towards towards goals is ...

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I Get to Play!!
Where did January go?  I just did the Hangover Run with my family and now it's suddenly February!! There was a lot going on in January.  End of the semester at my school which translates into a lot of stressed out 7th graders who suddenly care very much abo...

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New Years Resolution
New Years Resolutions are an interesting thing.  A new year, a fresh start.  Goals made, promises to do better or be better. I don't think anyone makes a New Years Resolution with the intention of not following through. People make resolutions for a lot of ...

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Pictures of Me
Today my coach texted me asking for pictures from my first Olympic Triathlon last summer.  I asked why and he said he was putting together a project for the team and wanted to use the pictures in that. I actually hesitated. I almost said no. This is going t...
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