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Artificial Intelligence system against Poker pros: who will get a win finally?

DeepStack is an artificial intelligence system developed by programmers at the University of Alberta, in cooperation with two Czech universities, according to The Verge.
During the study the program defeated 33 players, which are the members of the International Federation of Poker. Two/thirds of games ended by the defeat for the players. According to the developers, this ratio could not be the result of random distribution.
A DeepStack developer, Professor Thomas Sandholm commented: “DeepStack did not play against top professionals in poker, so we should not say that the artificial intelligence has surpassed humanity”. 
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All over the globe people celebrate the New Year, which is coming soon. Different countries have different traditions, but there are some things that are common almost everywhere. These attributes of the holiday are the essential part of it, and we hardly imagine the celebration of the New Year without them. For us, they are champagne, fireworks, the song “Happy New Year”. Please share with us what your most important attribute of the New Year is. Waiting for your comments! And Happy New Year!
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Christmas is the best time of the year. Have a good one, and make the most of it! Warmest thoughts and best wishes to our readers! Have a very Happy Christmas and a Blessed New Year!
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Many of you might have heard of an unfortunate security breach at Ashley Madison last year, which led to the confidential account details of over 33 million members being leaked online. Nevertheless, the famous adult dating website with the slogan “Life is short. Have an affair” managed to attract almost 5 million new members within a few months afterwards.
The Canadian dating platform now has a customer base of around 49 million subscribers, with 20,000 new users signing up to its services every day. Such popular appeal probably proves the point that there is no such thing as bad publicity. The brand’s steady growth perhaps also explains why Segal and his partner, James Millership, are ready to put their hard-earned reputations at risk for the seemingly troublesome company.
“We saw an opportunity amidst the chaos,” says Segal, who was transferred to manage the parent company, Avid Life Media, in April. He came as a replacement for Noel Biderman, the ostensible “king of treachery”. His energetic management of the company in the United States drew the attention of the financial press to its $1 billion listing on the London Stock Exchange. The listing was made only months prior to the company’s servers being compromised by a group of hackers who label themselves the Impact Team.
Segal and Millership undertook numerous months of due diligence prior to signing a contract with the firm that is backed by a couple of prosperous Canadian tycoons, who spoke in favor of Avid Life’s suggested rebranding. But the very first step carried out by Segal and Millership was to run the rebranding process by their partners. “Obviously, we discussed it,” the duo says in accord. “Originally I came from marketing, hence I have been exposed to various customers and challenges alike,” says Segal. At the same time, Millership, who also says he is in a “committed arrangement”, admits his partner was in favor of such a possibility.
In the weeks after the hacker attack, Biderman lost his job. A large portion of his heritage is now being reformed by the duo who had previously collaborated on the rebranding of WorldGaming, a Canadian eSports website. While Millership concentrates on the business aspects of the company’s management, Segal is committed to the rebranding of the marketing patterns the firm exploits. The firm’s operations have been enhanced by a multi-million investment in the security of Ashley Madison, as well as other sites such as Established Men and Cougar Life.
In July the corporation issued a statement of apology to its customers for the Ashley Madison security breach. The firm admitted it was “truly sorry for the way this hacker attack might have affected people’s lives and relationships”. However, the company got back down to business immediately and said it had been putting a lot of financial resources and human effort into making the website a more secure and reliable platform. This investment has led to more safe and discreet payment methods now being available to the website’s members.
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Here are ten never failing tips for you to nail a blind date.

1. Get to know about the person you’re fixing up, and make sure that person knows something about you as well. Your blind date is likely to be way more successful if your matchmaker knows you in general. Feel free to tell your matchmaker about your values, likes, and dislikes. Do not hesitate to communicate with the matchmaker about your upcoming date. It's highly important for getting a worthy blind date experience. Be honest and never fear to ask for a description or a pic of your date. The more information you have when it all begins, the better it ends.

2. Have a phone talk first. Before you go out on a blind date, it’s essential to buzz up your expected date, ask about her interests and background, and listen to her voice. So, when it comes to the first blind date, it’ll shine a light on it.

3. Stick to hygiene regulations. Obviously, there’s no need to remind that rule millions of times. Yet still, sometimes it’s just too difficult to be objective. Finally, you may have a hygiene problem without even knowing that. Ask your good pal, he will tell you the truth if something is not that perfect with you.

4. Never hit the booze before your date or drink too much during the date. You may want to take just one drink to calm your nerves down, but that’s a bad idea. Try to resist that impulse and go out on a tryst being stone-cold sober.

5. Have fun together. Find something interesting and new both of you will like. That won’t be a problem, as you already have a heads up about her preferences. Unless you’ve skipped point 2 and didn’t give her a call first.

6. Always stay yourself. If you’re not afraid of letting your alter-ego out, then your second date will be because she likes you.

7. Be positive and smile. No one likes grumblers.

8. Don’t be possessive, don’t manipulate, and don’t be bossy. Women pay careful attention to that on a first date, and it is often their #1 wake-up call.

9. Don’t be stingy. Women think that male generosity is a sign of a generous heart. For instance, be open and generous with your feelings, listen to her story, then share yours… and don’t forget to pay the bill.

10. Glam the things up a bit. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t be thinking about your outfit once you’ve walked out the door. In a nutshell, you better put on something you like, something you’re comfortable in. When you’re satisfied with your look, you project confidence, rather than neediness and insecurity. 
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Top 10 Boldest Casino Scams

Ever since the first casino emerged, there have been those who tried to find a way to cheat and defeat casinos. While there have been cases of making such attempts without breaking the rules, most of them were nothing but a banal fraud. We will now list top 10 elaborate cheats against casinos.

10. New York Roulette GangIn 2012, Ohio witnessed a series of crimes against casinos. The Ohio Casino Control Commission later reported about a gang of between 50 and 70 people involved in a number of scams. Their classic approach was as follows: players would enter with low bets.
While one player diverted the dealer's attention, the other put chips of a certain colour in his pocket and then left the table and discreetly gave the chips to another actor. His part was to enter the game at a different table, select a higher value to that chip's colour and cash out at the higher ratio.
The criminals were traced after they robbed four casinos across the state of Ohio. Four members of the group were arrested and admitted their crimes. Although, the officials on the case suggested their earnings were around $1,000-$2,000, their true income is unknown. It is still not clarified if the gang contained more members and what their present status is.

9. The Roselli Brothers
Between 1995 and 2000, a group of criminals who identified themselves as the «Roselli Brothers» managed to steal more than $37 million from casinos. A computer hacker helped the men to steal the names of individuals with favourable credit rating. The brothers then deposited $50,000 into the accounts opened in those names, which convinced casinos to offer them extensive credit lines. Offset betting process and well-timed gambling schedules allowed them to pull off their trick for five years. They basically convinced casino officials they were losing money, and the officials were happy to offer them more credit. At the same time, the other partner on the other side of the table was making money. Their last scam took place in Las Vegas in the winter of 2000. By the time the FBI discovered the fact of the crime, the gang had been long gone. Moreover, it turned out that the actual Roselli brothers had died many years before, and the criminals are still not identified.

8. One-minute ATM scam
In 2012, 14 schemers were accused of stealing more than $1million from Citibank. The scheme was to open a number of checking accounts and exploit a gap in the casino kiosk security that enabled numerous unrecorded withdrawals during a 60-second opportunity window. The schemers would go to casinos using the cash advance kiosks to take out up to tenfold what they put in using the 60-second lag. After receiving the money at the cages, the leader would keep a cut for himself, leaving the rest to be split among the gang.

7. The French Cigarette Pack Scheme
In 1973 a French roulette dealer created a radio transmitter which fit perfectly in a usual cigarette pack. A weightless receiver was turned into a roulette ball to be used during games. The other two members of the group were his brother-in-law who acted as an unknowing gambler and his sister who would press the transmitter's button on the pack by the next table. As she did that, the ball would change its spin, and land in groups of six numbers with 90% accuracy. In the end, the entire team of conspirators was found and arrested.

6. The Cutter Gang
In 2011, this group of schemers would beat casinos by cutting the deck after it has been shuffled. One member of the gang would take the cutting card, have the data recorded by a tiny camera hidden in the cufflink and, having left the table, pass the information to another conspirator. The schemers were suspected of the theft of $1 million in Las Vegas. The police had to let them go, for no sufficient evidence was found. They were then arrested and escaped shortly after.

5. The Contact Lens Scheme
In 2011, a gang managed to steal over €54,000 from the Princes Casino in Cannes by marking symbols on card decks, the other member would see the symbols using special contact lens. The police intruded when the group had a few series of impressive winnings. The group was found guilty and put in prison for a long time.

4. The Ritz Roulette Scam
In 2004, three schemers managed to obtain over $2 million from the Ritz Casino in London with the help of laser technology. The members used laser scanners in their phones which were connected to a computer that would forecast which numbers were probably to win big money based on the roulette ball's speed and then suggest which numbers it could land on. The method is based on the «sector targeting» theory. The schemers were arrested, but let go without being charged, as «sector targeting» technically is not illegal.

3. The Edge Sorting Scheme
Championship poker player Phil Ivey Jr is said to have schemed a $9.6 million fraud in Atlantic City in 2014 using the «edge sorting» method, which implies examining and memorizing abnormalities on certain cards. Phil and his partner realised that some of the cards had diamonds and patterns with defects on the back. They would then ask the dealer to flip the «good» and the «bad» cards in prearranged directions, enabling the schemers to identify the cards quickly. The casino has filed a lawsuit against the two fraudsters, Ivey denied all accusations.

2. The Fake Shuffling Scam
Pai Gow John gathered a team of illegal counters by convincing dealers to cheat for him, who would pretend they were shuffling cards while the cards would just make a shuffling sound and remain in the same order. The main player, pretending to be smoking a cigarette, would whisper the information about the dealt cards with the help of a microphone hidden in his sleeve. The outside players would then place their bets according to the way the smoker put his fingers on the cigarette. The group was discovered by casino security surveillance. Some of the members already accepted their charges and are now in jail, while Pai Gow John had to give up some of his luxurious mansions and vehicles.

1. Australian Danny Ocean
An unidentified man managed to steal over $30 million from the Crown Casino in Melbourne after hacking the surveillance system. It is suspected that one member of the group played at a VIP table, while his partner observed the surveillance footage from inside or around the building. This partner then relayed which bets to drop for a maximum gain. Additionally, the casino official, who was supposed to check on the group, was dismissed that evening and it is still unknown if he was one of the conspirators.
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Best Ideas For Winter Dates

The holidays are over, but it’s far from the winter’s end. And that’s really cool, as there is still plenty of time to realize all best ideas for amazing dates with someone special. We have made out the top 10 of marvelous dates’ scenarios. Try them out to make this winter memorable for your whole lifetime!

1. Go skating or sledding
It’s hard to imagine winter without these outdoor funs. Take your special one out to spend some time skating or sledding. The childish joy and a portion of adrenaline are guaranteed. Finish up with a mug of hot chocolate.

2. Cook some fireplace s’mores
Who has said that s’mores are only for summer hikes? No way! Light the fireplace and remember how delicious half-scorched marshmallows may be.

3. Attend a hokey match.
Even if you are not a hockey fan, appoint the date at a hockey match arena. Join the crowd of excited people and get thrill from the electricity in the air.

4. Make fondue
What can be better than cooking this delicious hot meal after a walk in a winter park or forest? Soft cheese, a faint tint of wine and crispy sops of bread…mmm. We bet nobody can resist this temptation.

5. Order Spa Treatment for Couples.
Let yourself relax fully physically and mentally. Seriously, a couple of hours spent at SPA will bring both of you a proper rest from everyday routine.

6. Visit an ice sculpture show
Touch with the world of beauty and visit one of the sculpture shows. Don’t ask why. You won’t regret coming as soon as you find yourself in this winter fairytale, crafted by someone’s skillful hands.

7. House showing under the blanket
Pick up your favourite romantic movie and get comfortable on the sofa under the blanket with your beloved one. It may seem too banal, but if you have the right mood, nothing will feel sweeter.

8. Take a sleigh ride
If you want something really romantic, take a sleigh ride in a horse-drawn carriage through an evening town. Enjoy the picturesque view of the city under bright street lights and sparkling stars.

9. Schedule hot tub time
It’s not difficult at all to find a couple of hours for a hot tub. The idea is so good that it needs no comments.
If you two are a couple with some issues to sort out, this could be quite therapeutic. If you're trying to leave your anger issues out of it, make this "fight" a cute turf war.

10. Play snowballs
This list would be incomplete without number 10. It’s a classic of the genre, of course. Lots of movies and clips featured a couple playing snowballs to portray the romantic winter moments. We won’t be an exception.
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Superstitions of the Chinese New Year: Do's and Don’ts

What happens and what you decide to do on this day will surely impact the upcoming year. In case you decide to gamble during the New Year holiday, it is recommended to adhere to the practices that have been shaped over centuries. Even though Chinese youngsters rarely follow these traditions nowadays, the more experienced gamblers still respect and stick to them.

• Choose red underwear or undergarments when gambling;
• Prior to leaving your house to go gambling, turn all the lights on;
• There is a baby ghost behind each gambling table. Hence, feed the ghost with sugar so that it facilitates your gambling success or doesn’t prevent it;
• If you happen to play baccarat, yell the word “deng” in Cantonese or “ding” in Mandarin before opening your cards;
• Make a prayer or an offering to the god (or gods) prior to going on a major gambling tour.

• Avoid mentioning any books to your fellow players amid a gambling session. In Chinese, the word “book” sounds similar to “lose”;
• Avoid counting how much you have earned or lost during a gambling session;
• Try not to hit or touch anyone’s shoulder when that person is in the middle of a game;
• Men should refrain from any sexual activity prior to gambling;
• Don’t try to get to the winning position at the beginning, otherwise you will lose by the end.
• Attracting good luck to the upcoming year: common recommendations.
If you are able to avoid going into the New Year indebted, you will be debt-free for the entire year.
• Noodles are considered to be the perfect New Year’s meal because their length represents the length of your luck and fortune in the upcoming year: the longer it is the better, of course.
• Engaging in quarrels on New Year’s Day will bring a year full of tears and misery.
• Avoid handling knives or any other sharp utensils as all of your good luck will be sliced.
• The word “shoe” sounds similar to the word “rough”. If you need to purchase a new pair of footwear, buy them before the holidays and you will stay away from hitting rough spots in the coming year.
• Avoid washing your hair on New Year’s Day and you won’t wash all of your good luck away.
• Avoid getting a haircut within the first week of the New Year and you won’t cut up all of your good luck. 
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Best 10 Romantic Christmas Movies Made for TV

Tired of swinging parties? Then fancy spending a Christmas Eve with your beloved one watching a nice romantic movie. Two of you, sparkling lights of the Christmas tree, a cosy blanket, a galss of champaign and romantic atmosphere...Sounds good, isn't it? We have picked up the best 10 romantic Christmas films for you. Choose and enjoy!

1. Snow Bride
This 2013 masterpiece truly deserves the best rankings! A tabloid reporter attempts to come across sensational rumours on a well-known political family. She ends up spending the pre-Christmas week with them and falls in love with one of their younger members.

2. 12 Men of Christmas
Imagine the search and rescue team in your town is in desperate need of funds for new machinery. What could possibly serve the purpose better than having 12 fantastic-looking men pose nude for a holiday calendar?

3. A Very Merry Mix-Up
Another film from 2013, A Very Merry Mix-Up offers all the features you would expect from a Christmas movie: there is an attractive female lead character, a sincere suitor, an impeccable family and breathtaking amounts of Christmas lights. Moreover, an absolute ranking of Christmas romantic made-for-TV films would probably be incomplete without one of them being about mistaken identity.

4. Window Wonderland
The all-time favorite plot of an uptight woman meeting a laid-back man seems to never get old.

5. A Princess for Christmas
This 2011 film stars Roger Moore, probably most known as one of the actors who played Agent 007 some years ago. Here, however, he plays a grumpy old king who despises Christmas, only until a quirky American girl comes along to change his attitude.

6. Snowglobe
In this 2007 Christmas romantic jewel, Christina Millian plays a woman that adores holidays so much that she gets stuck inside a magical snowglobe. The film is so great that only a Christmas version of A.M. to P.M. could have made it better!

7. 12 Dates of Christmas
Amy Smart appears to be one of those actresses that enjoy making Christmas films. This movie, shot in 2011, mixes two of almost everyone's favorite things: a Groundhog Day setting and Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

8. Matchmaker Santa
This 2012 Christmas masterpiece portrays a wonderful escape fantasy of being stranded in the most amazing town with a fantastic-looking guy.

9. A Bride for Christmas
A 2012 jewel, A Bride for Christmas is pretty much what you get when Runaway Blade and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days come together. If you value good Christmas movies, this one is certainly worth your attention!

10. Let It Snow
This 2013 classic made-for-TV movie features Cameron Bure, one of the most known actresses in Christmas films! If Cameron Bure features a Christmas movie, it's half the battle. 
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Nevada's First eSports Licence Is Granted to William Hill

William Hill will soon become Nevada's first gambling service to get an eSports license to provide betting lines on video gaming competitions. The Nevada Gaming Control Board confirmed William Hill and the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino's got the approval to offer wagers on eSports competitions.

Though online gambling venues have been taking part in skins gaming and fantasy eSports, William Hill is to become the first legal gambling platform that is allowed to run traditional sports betting moneylines on this fast-expanding field. The Committee has decided that branching out into eSports did not require a complete regulatory overhaul but only some minor legislative tweaks.

Brian Sandoval, the state governor of Nevada, praised the Gaming Control Board's decision, which will be a crucial step towards Nevada becoming the global e-sports capital. The governor said that the potential of one of the state's oldest industries is catalyzed by such an enticing opportunity and incorporation of innovation and technology.

Joe Asher, the company's U.S. branch CEO, said that the firm cannot wait to cooperate with Seth Schorr and the Downtown Grand and become the first sportsbook in the US to provide legal e-Sports gambling. It is the policy of the company to intend to provide the most contemporary and the broadest set of sports tournaments and events. This policy illustrates the firm's commitment and ability to provide innovation.

E-sports is quickly broadening its customer base in America, and some games in particular, for example, Hearthstone has attracted numerous thousands of U.S. customers. William Hill is the first online sportsbook to be granted an e-Sports wager license, but many more online gambling operators are likely to follow suit in order to meet the ever-growing popular demand.

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Donald Trump’s Victory Has Become The Biggest Upset For Bookmakers

A couple of days ago the election race in the USA finished, and the country got a new president. Many well-known bookmakers such as Ladbrokes and William Hill have admitted the Victory of the Republican candidate as “the biggest upset in political betting history”.
The polls predicted Hillary Clinton’s victory, but the chance of Trump’s triumph became hypothetic last week, after another FBI scandal with Clinton’s private email server.
The overall tendency was the larger stakes on Clinton but with a higher volume of bets on Trump. That is why Trump’s victory has become a serious blow for many betting agencies.
In total, the bookmaking industry took roughly £20 m. 74% of the total stake on the outcome was for Hilary Clinton, but 71% of all the individual bets staked were for Donald Trump.
For William Hill these elections became a record for any political betting event in the history, as they took £ 4 m on its outcome.
Paddy Power has to pay $ 4.5m to their customers who backed Trump. The betting operators Betway and Ladbrokes also have reported of multiple payouts of hundreds of thousands of pounds at big odds.
Still, not all bookmakers burst down the tube. For instance, Sporting Index estimated that Donald Trump’s win could set to result in a six-figure profit for the spread betting companies. 
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New Research Claims Tinder Hurts Males' Self-Esteem

A new study carried out by the University of North Texas suggests that this popular hook-up application may lead men to be ashamed of their looks. The study shows that single men are three times more likely than women to swipe right (approve of a member, judging by a few images on the screen). Jessica Strubel, one of the study’s authors, states that male Tinder users outnumber female members of the app. Men tend to swipe right more often than women, and, therefore, are more likely to be rejected. Straight men are even more exposed to rejection. Being rejected provokes body shame and emotional vulnerability in men.
The study is based on a survey of about 1300 college students, who were asked about their Tinder experience and the emotions they felt because of it. A significant correlation was discovered between Tinder usage and the so-called “self-worth” indicators such as self-esteem, feelings of body shame and internalisation of cultural beauty standards. Male users reported more negative effects on their self-esteem than women. Such findings turned out to be rather surprising for the authors since past studies suggested that visual media affect mostly women’s self-worth indicators.
What concerns self-esteem, male respondents were found to have lower self-esteem if they were active Tinder users. We are used to thinking that women are more susceptible of the way others perceive them, but it turns out men are just as well. Short men tend to encounter the hardest hit on their self-perception, as they think that most women on Tinder fancy guys that are above 6 feet in height. For instance, Ben Ellman, a 26-year-old journalist from Brooklyn says that for every 50 profiles that he approved of on Tinder, only one woman swiped right as well. Ben says that the app works out well only for hot people because users are judged according to their profile pictures, and that can make some feel ashamed about their appearance. He adds, that some women also decide whether to swipe right or left depending on how many profiles that man approves or disposes of.
On the other hand, some women felt more confident about their looks after using the hook-up application. For example, Taylor Costello, a 24-year-old bartender says that she has always been sure of her appearance, but getting a lot of responses from men on the app gives her an additional boost.
Julia Bekker, the owner of the matchmaking company Hunting Maven, recommends potential users of apps like Tinder to start using them only if they are already sure of their appearance and their success on the app does not hurt their self-confidence.
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