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Guiding consumers interested in purchasing online services is our mission!
Guiding consumers interested in purchasing online services is our mission!


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Playing Online Bingo May Benefit To Your Mental Health

We've known bingo as one of the most boring and grandfatherly things to do. However, nowadays online bingo is well loved and played by many people of different ages all over the world. Not only it is not as boring as you may think, but it also helps to improve your cognitive abilities and mental health!

This particular game is both relaxing and stimulating not only for your brain cells but also your social life, which in its turn adds to the already improved mental stability. In some cases, additional exposure to people might be a little trying, but the mental exercise is still required. The challenging, yet relaxing atmosphere of online bingo might be exactly what you were looking for! This way instead of having to meet with other players in person you can communicate and share your knowledge via various live chats. Not to mention, if your people skills are a little bit rusty, you can start with the online version of the game and then move on to the real-life version.

The strategic nature of the game will be beneficial to your cognitive thinking and planning skills while the risks associated with the game will help you to learn critical thinking and risk evaluation, which are crucial for your everyday life and career path. The lengthy exposure to such games as online bingo not only helps you to stay sharp and thinking ahead during your younger years but also will soften the impact of years on your cognitive abilities. The lower risks of Alzheimer's and better memory, in the long run, are the most beneficial results of playing online bingo!
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Attend SiGMA 2017 to meet all front-line players in the gaming industry!

The Summit of iGaming, Malta (SiGMA), is going to take place between 22-25th November 2017.

Sigma 2016 was held in Tallin, leaving many pleasant memories and useful business contacts and both for affiliates and operators. The participants enjoyed an all-inclusive VIP treat, which included flights, a two-night stay at the 5-star Hilton, excursions, lunches, dinners, and parties.
Mr. Eman Pulis (the owner of SiGMA) has announced that this year SiGMA is going to be twice as big. The Summit will occupy a new larger venue for iGAMING VILLAGE. The participants will have at their disposal 6 themed bars, 3 restaurants, and 2 lounge areas, where they’ll enjoy free drinks, lunches, and even cigars. Add to this free shuttle bus service and 1000 free flights! All this without any doubts will make the Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre a hospitable place for all guests.

The expected number of the delegates is estimated as about 6000, which shows the significant growth in comparison with the first summit held in 2014.
Are you still deliberating on visiting SiGMA in November? The organizers have a couple of words to persuade you: “people network better in a relaxed, fun environment; so we decided to make this our new slogan – simple, succinct and reflective of the true SiGMA spirit – “Enjoy Making Money”.
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888 Holding's Acquisition of William Hill failed because of press leaks – CEO

In a recent interview with Bloomberg Itai Frieberger, the CEO at 888 Holdings explained why his firm's £3.1 bn bid to purchase William Hill didn't lead to a completed agreement. According to Itai, a leak in the press is the most likely reason why the deal wasn't concluded in the end. However, it is one of multiple factors that could have contributed to the failure of negotiations between the two companies.

On July 24, the UK's Sunday Times reported that the 888 Holdings and Rank Group were trying to purchase William Hill. The article came out just hours before interest was formally announced during the company's press conference. The publication of the news in Sunday Times led to increased attention and pressure on both firms from the public and the press.

«After the leak we simply couldn't make any decisions discreetly. The media kept revealing details about the negotiations long before we managed to agree with William Hill on any particulars. It makes me, and in fact all of us, very sad» Mr. Frieberger explained.

In the past few months the British betting market has been rather eventful. Acquisition of small bookmakers by larger players have allowed the latter to decrease their operational costs and tax withdrawals and in many cases to expand the existing business. At the same time, competition in the online segment of the industry remains as tough as it's ever been. Had the agreement between 888 Holdings and Rank Group and William Hill been eventually reached, it would have created the largest betting service in Britain.

Two offers from 888 Holdings and Rank Group were rejected by William Hill management. Consequently, as reported by the press, the 888 Holdings and Rank Group decided to change its approach and merge with William Hill excluding any foreign engagement. Nonetheless, Itai Frieberger has denied this statement.

Even with the failure of the agreement with William Hill, 888 Holdings still managed to achieve remarkable results financially. The growing trend of the company we witnessed in the first half of the year remained positive in the third quarter as well. 888 Holdings and Rank Group, a firm that is listed on the London Stock Exchange, saw the price of their share rise by a considerable 6.9%. Moreover, increased efficiency in the firm's operations led to a 22% increase in the average daily revenue per customer.
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A victim of catfishing on Tinder appeals to deem fake profiles on dating sites and apps illegal

Anna Rowe, a woman that was deceived by a married man with a fake picture and name on Tinder, demands that the government takes further action to prosecute the man. Rowe, 44, who became attracted to a married man with an ingenuine profile image and identity on the dating app, is now asking the government to come up with a piece of legislature that would accuse such actions in the court of law.

The victim states that she fell in love a user under the name Anthony Ray, on the infamous adult dating website Tinder. That user was using a photograph of the well known Bollywood actor Ali Khan. However, he introduced himself to the woman as a businessman who had to take rather frequent international trips for work-related reasons. The two users sent each other thousands of messages and over some time they manage to develop an online relationship. Apparently, the man seemed very enthusiastic about the arrangement and even mentioned a possible marriage.

The relationship went on like this for almost a full year, but pretty soon the businessman named Anthony Ray turned out to be a London-based lawyer, married with kids. Furthermore, it was then revealed that the man was also having affairs with other ladies as well. Such a horrific end to a seemingly beautiful romance left Anne, a teaching assistant from Canterbury, appalled and devastated.

After some time the woman managed to come up with a solution that would make such stories less likely to happen to other Tinder users. The victim is now calling for the executive government of the country to make sure that users of dating sites are only allowed to be part of the online community as long as they reveal their true identities. The woman expects this initiative to fully eliminate or at least significantly lower so-called «catfishing». Catfishing essentially refers to a situation when someone uses fake names to deceive others into relationships.

Anna Rowe accuses her would-be lover of having used her like a personal hotel with extras. The victim believes the man knew she craved a committed loving relationship and simply tricked her, Kent Online reports. She goes on stating that the lawyer intentionally deceived her by depriving her of the right to choose. Anne argues that it would've never happened had she known the ugly truth about her «soulmate». The woman says she obviously wouldn't have agreed to a relationship with a married man with children or a man who was engaged in different relationships with numerous other ladies at the same time.

After pretending to be someone else on Tinder, the lawyer decided to uncover the truth in the end. «Anthony» eventually sent his genuine pictures and asked to meet up with Anne in person. He paid her visits two times a week over the course of six months. He explained his absence for the rest of the time by having to travel to Ireland or Germany for work.

Anna says suspense started to build up after her boyfriend became more distant. He said he had to visit his mother who was ill. The breaks between the man's visits started growing and the couple didn't see one another for five months. After a while, Rowe came back to Tinder and stumbled upon Anthony Ray, who was active on the website as if nothing had happened. So she decided to create a fake profile and contact the guy under a different name. Anthony replied exactly like he did when they first met each other.

Anna Rowe states that she was utterly devastated when she found out that her boyfriend was, in fact, a married man. The woman trusted Anthony so much that she chose to ignore the numerous mismatching details she had noticed during those months.

This was the story that encouraged Anna Rowe to create a petition for catfishing to be made an actual crime in the eyes of the country's criminal justice system. This woman's story demonstrates what consequences catfishing may bring and what impact it can have on the destinies of many online daters. It makes obvious the principle whereby using fake names and pictures to lure people for sex should be outlawed. As of right now, however, it is still not.
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In an attempt to attract youngsters, Mecca Bingo introduces a new name for number 69
Bingo is no longer some game your relatives played down the social club on a Friday Night. More and more young players choose it. Realising these trends, Mecca Bingo has introduced an updated version of their names for numbers. Keeping up with the 21-st century's trends, the well-known bingo venue has revealed a portion of contemporary titles and is now offering them in its outlets. Members of the club living in the UK were given the opportunity to vote on which new titles they would like to replace the well-known names e.g. «two little ducks» or «legs eleven». The list of updated titles includes «Tinder date» for 8 and «Netflix and chill» for 69.
The full list of proposed new titles that will soon replace the more traditional names is presented to you below. Let us know which ones you like and which ones you don't by participating in the poll below.

Top 10 new Bingo titles
Little Mix – 6 (formerly Half a Dozen)
Selfie Queen – 17 (formerly Dancing Queen)
Tag A Mate – 48 (formerly Four Dozen)
Netflix & Chill – 69 (formerly Anyway Up)
Tinder Date – 8 (formerly Garden Gate)
Dabbing machine – 15 (formerly Young and Keen)
Hipster Heaven – 27 (formerly Duck and a Crutch)
Lads on tour – 24 (formerly Knock at the Door)
Adele – 25 (formerly Duck and Dive)
YOLO – 1 (formerly Kelly’s Eye)

Mecca Bingo's spokesperson, Caroline Webb, commented: «With record numbers of youngsters playing bingo nowadays, we intended to facilitate the game's popular appeal and we thought a great way to do it is to update one of its most iconic features – its calls for numbers! It is quite rare to see bingo calls being used in the UK's bingo halls today, so the test of 21st century –themed calls is likely to please long-time bingo enthusiasts. Similarly, the increasingly younger group of bingo players is attracted by the references to contemporary culture tendencies like hipsters or Tinder, or popular names such as Adele or Little Mix.
It might seem natural for things to change over time, however, not everyone enjoys such metamorphosis. Won’t Bingo lose its attractiveness for older generations by introducing such cheeky names?
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Artificial Intelligence system against Poker pros: who will get a win finally?

DeepStack is an artificial intelligence system developed by programmers at the University of Alberta, in cooperation with two Czech universities, according to The Verge.
During the study the program defeated 33 players, which are the members of the International Federation of Poker. Two/thirds of games ended by the defeat for the players. According to the developers, this ratio could not be the result of random distribution.
A DeepStack developer, Professor Thomas Sandholm commented: “DeepStack did not play against top professionals in poker, so we should not say that the artificial intelligence has surpassed humanity”.
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Best Ideas For Winter Dates

The holidays are over, but it’s far from the winter’s end. And that’s really cool, as there is still plenty of time to realize all best ideas for amazing dates with someone special. We have made out the top 10 of marvelous dates’ scenarios. Try them out to make this winter memorable for your whole lifetime!

1. Go skating or sledding
It’s hard to imagine winter without these outdoor funs. Take your special one out to spend some time skating or sledding. The childish joy and a portion of adrenaline are guaranteed. Finish up with a mug of hot chocolate.

2. Cook some fireplace s’mores
Who has said that s’mores are only for summer hikes? No way! Light the fireplace and remember how delicious half-scorched marshmallows may be.

3. Attend a hokey match.
Even if you are not a hockey fan, appoint the date at a hockey match arena. Join the crowd of excited people and get thrill from the electricity in the air.

4. Make fondue
What can be better than cooking this delicious hot meal after a walk in a winter park or forest? Soft cheese, a faint tint of wine and crispy sops of bread…mmm. We bet nobody can resist this temptation.

5. Order Spa Treatment for Couples.
Let yourself relax fully physically and mentally. Seriously, a couple of hours spent at SPA will bring both of you a proper rest from everyday routine.

6. Visit an ice sculpture show
Touch with the world of beauty and visit one of the sculpture shows. Don’t ask why. You won’t regret coming as soon as you find yourself in this winter fairytale, crafted by someone’s skillful hands.

7. House showing under the blanket
Pick up your favourite romantic movie and get comfortable on the sofa under the blanket with your beloved one. It may seem too banal, but if you have the right mood, nothing will feel sweeter.

8. Take a sleigh ride
If you want something really romantic, take a sleigh ride in a horse-drawn carriage through an evening town. Enjoy the picturesque view of the city under bright street lights and sparkling stars.

9. Schedule hot tub time
It’s not difficult at all to find a couple of hours for a hot tub. The idea is so good that it needs no comments.
If you two are a couple with some issues to sort out, this could be quite therapeutic. If you're trying to leave your anger issues out of it, make this "fight" a cute turf war.

10. Play snowballs
This list would be incomplete without number 10. It’s a classic of the genre, of course. Lots of movies and clips featured a couple playing snowballs to portray the romantic winter moments. We won’t be an exception.
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All over the globe people celebrate the New Year, which is coming soon. Different countries have different traditions, but there are some things that are common almost everywhere. These attributes of the holiday are the essential part of it, and we hardly imagine the celebration of the New Year without them. For us, they are champagne, fireworks, the song “Happy New Year”. Please share with us what your most important attribute of the New Year is. Waiting for your comments! And Happy New Year!
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Superstitions of the Chinese New Year: Do's and Don’ts

What happens and what you decide to do on this day will surely impact the upcoming year. In case you decide to gamble during the New Year holiday, it is recommended to adhere to the practices that have been shaped over centuries. Even though Chinese youngsters rarely follow these traditions nowadays, the more experienced gamblers still respect and stick to them.

• Choose red underwear or undergarments when gambling;
• Prior to leaving your house to go gambling, turn all the lights on;
• There is a baby ghost behind each gambling table. Hence, feed the ghost with sugar so that it facilitates your gambling success or doesn’t prevent it;
• If you happen to play baccarat, yell the word “deng” in Cantonese or “ding” in Mandarin before opening your cards;
• Make a prayer or an offering to the god (or gods) prior to going on a major gambling tour.

• Avoid mentioning any books to your fellow players amid a gambling session. In Chinese, the word “book” sounds similar to “lose”;
• Avoid counting how much you have earned or lost during a gambling session;
• Try not to hit or touch anyone’s shoulder when that person is in the middle of a game;
• Men should refrain from any sexual activity prior to gambling;
• Don’t try to get to the winning position at the beginning, otherwise you will lose by the end.
• Attracting good luck to the upcoming year: common recommendations.
If you are able to avoid going into the New Year indebted, you will be debt-free for the entire year.
• Noodles are considered to be the perfect New Year’s meal because their length represents the length of your luck and fortune in the upcoming year: the longer it is the better, of course.
• Engaging in quarrels on New Year’s Day will bring a year full of tears and misery.
• Avoid handling knives or any other sharp utensils as all of your good luck will be sliced.
• The word “shoe” sounds similar to the word “rough”. If you need to purchase a new pair of footwear, buy them before the holidays and you will stay away from hitting rough spots in the coming year.
• Avoid washing your hair on New Year’s Day and you won’t wash all of your good luck away.
• Avoid getting a haircut within the first week of the New Year and you won’t cut up all of your good luck.
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