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Gee thanks Google, for uploading a bunch of people I don't want to talk to into my chat contacts. That'll totally encourage me to keep using your chat service.
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Thanks. That was completely non-helpful, because I connect to Jabber via a non-web client.

Regardless, having a non-transparent opt-out does not, in any way, redeem spamming my chat list with a bunch of unneeded and unwanted crap. It's like "Well, he did jizz all over your face, but you can wash it off."

(not that there's anything wrong with having sexual fluids on one's face, provided the other party asks first and takes no for an answer )
The most annoying part is that the list (on the G+ window or the GMail window) is so short, that your full list can't fit, and for some unknown reason, the names are listed alphabetically instead of by the frequency with which you talk to people.

However, there's a setting to fix it to be like it was before: in GMail, go to Mail Settings and then go to the Chat tab, and select "Only allow people that I've explicitly approved to chat with me and see when I'm online."

Or do what +Kenneth Cummins said, if you want to include some people from G+ also. Except, Kenneth, please say where "Chat settings" is, because while I have heard this is an option, I can't actually find it now. (Perhaps I'm just being really stupid, though.)
I think the opt out was more obvious when the "feature" was introduced (over a month ago, at least)--I got some sort of notification with a link to change it, and (stupidly) thought "Hm, it could be cool to have G+ people on my chat!"

...that doesn't make it much better. Just a little.
Silly END USER! Google knows what you need. Stop having these foolish thoughts of self-direction.
Yes, completely annoying.
Awesome, it only took a half hour of my time to make it work they way I wanted it to work. Thanks Google.
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