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BTW, a while ago, on the recommendation of G+, I bought a Safari Beanos PR5 from Red OXX bags.

It is a great bag. About the only problem I've had with it is that it is a bit heavy, even when empty. But it is easy to carry in a number of ways, it fits everything I need for indefinite travel with a little bit of extra room, and it's durable as all hell, including parts that are normally problematic like buttons, zippers, and connection points.

It's expensive, but if you can afford it, absolutely worth it. I'd recommend Red OXX to anyone. Thanks to +Jessica Hammer for the recommendation, and everyone else for the other support.

People who know more about the computer market than I do:

My beloved 11" MacBook Air is reaching the end of its life.

I want to replace it. It is basically the perfect computer for me, so I would like something with similar characteristics: lightweight, fast loading, high battery life, enough processing power to run Adobe CS. I'm also not going to switch operating systems, so it's a question about timing Apple's release cycle to get a good product and not a terrible one.

Should I get a 13" MacBook Air now, while they are still available, or should I hold out until June and see if Apple announces a MacBook with more than one port?

(MacBook pro, with the tiny battery life, is not in the picture, probably. If the next generation improves, may go for the 13")

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Finally got a chance to play +Ben Lehman​'s SKEW and I really liked it! The text is great, and the procedures are very very clever. I could MC with little hesitation. As we were going into almost-gonzo territory with an ice age and mutated people, I was thinking "oh, that's what the rule about ending play if nobody can see any sense in the situation is for! clever". Only to find myself later suddenly realising that "it all fit together", and providing an extremely developed explanation that convinced everybody, yet wasn't the GM's idea which was also very good. This in turn meant our poor protagonist spent the rest of her life deluding herself about what the world had become, probably in a perfectly reasonable mental health institution.

Almost done with a project about three years in the writing. SOON.

BTW interface fuckery has largely driven me off G+ but I don't really have a new landing site yet. When I want to write more about games I will come up with one, I guess.

Dear Peshmerga hacker: if you wanted to raise awareness about the struggles of the Kurdish people, you could have asked me to write a game rather than hacking my website. It would have been more ethical and more effective.

yours truly -- -- Ben

Happy Fred Korematsu Day!


Happy new year!

None of my family was liberated from the camps.

Some made it out.
Some died in the camps.
Some died before the camps.

We remember the stories of survivors, for good reason. But also remember that most of us did not survive.

Jesus this new interface is awful.
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