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Plain & Custom wrist bands, Lanyards and Fabric wristbands for your event
Plain & Custom wrist bands, Lanyards and Fabric wristbands for your event


Lanyards with universal strings are very practical that can make your everydays easier and much more convenient. You can design your own lanyard in full colour thanks to our sublimation print technology these designs will also be waterproof. Can be printed both sides for maximal effect.

Digital CMYK printed satin lanyards
The design can contain Pantone or CMYK colours.
We require the lanyard design to be in at least 300 dpi resolution if sent in a .psd file
All logos and text have to be in vector format (.ai, .eps, .cdr, .pdf) and if possible all design elements for the lanyards.
Sublimation printing allows any design to be printed on the fabric in FULL COLOUR – waterproof print
You can order a disconnect buckle for the lanyard as well to easily take them off and put them back on. 
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The Tyvek Special Guest patterns wristbands are great for occasions when you want to differentiate between your guests and want to make a part of them to feel special. These paper wristbands are designed with simple and clear graphics to make them look elegant. Especially if the bands are printed with exclusive colours like gold or silver (we strongly recommend you to select these for the best results).

Thanks to the VIP text on these personalised wristbands everyone can see straight away that they are exclusive guests, and you can make the entry to the VIP section easier with using these bands as well. Your event staff just takes one look at the VIP wristbands and all misunderstanding, queing and nuisance can be avoided. Your special guests deserve the special attention.

These wristbands can be used as festival bracelets for shorter festivals or for daily VIP tickets to simplify entry.

These paper wristbands are made with waterproof paper materials and printing. The sticking surface on the bands ensures they are secure and one use only. The wristband is non-transferable.


Length: 250 mm

Width: 19 mm
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Amazing promotion opportunity from pennies – What can you do with a silicone wristband?

Date: 09.01.2014. 

You have surely seen young people, wearing many coloured silicon wristbands and rubber bracelets. As many and conspicuous as possible.

What a great promotion opportunity is within the silicone wristbands, you may ask? ? You can reach thousands of people with your logo, event location, festival or company name or any other message you can think of. 

The silicone (rubber) wristband is NOT suitable for entry or identification purposes. These bands offer a great opportunity however. To create a memorable impression on your guests, participants or even your clients by giving them custom made silicone wristbands. 

The silicone (rubber) wristband can be worn infinitely, due to the nature of the material and if you write the right message on them people will wear them happily and with pride. 

We have 5 types of silicone wristbands (bracelets):

Printed silicone wristbands (these are printed with your message using screen printing)

silicone wristbands
Debossed silicone wristbands (your message is engraved into the material of the wristband)

silicone wristbands
Debossed silicone wristbands with ink filling (similar to the debossed silicone wristbands, but the text/message is also coloured)

silicone wristbands
Embossed silicone wristbands (your message will be embossed onto the bands to create a 3D effect)

silicone wristbands
Embossed silicone wristbands with ink filling ( same 3D effect, but here the colours printed on the embossed message make these to be more outstanding and spectacular than regular embossed silicone wristbands)

silicone wristbands

Give silicone bracelets to your guests or participants and you can make sure they will not be ungrateful, especially if you write good wishes or a positive message on them! 

For more details on silicone wristbands, check out the following page! 

Best security wristbands in two steps

Date: 09.01.2014. 

How can you get the best security with wristbands? The main function of wristbands is to ensure safe entry/identification. First step to get the best event security is choosing our NOT transferable wristbands (all wristbands are non transferable other than the silicone wristbands and reusable vinyl wristbands). The wristbands are durable making them stay on the wrists in the position your hostesses put them on at the door. 

Wristfield will not give out any information regarding the design, colour or type of wristbands to anyone else other than the person placing the order. 

If you are still worried that the wristbands could be forged by someone (e.g. larger festivals or exclusive events), the second step is to get UV printing on your wristbands along with the regular printing! 

The wristbands can be printed with the same or different designs for both prints. The UV print is not visible in natural or artificial light either, so the wearer of the wristband cannot tell that there is another print on the band. You can check the validity of the wristbands with a portable UV lamp in a matter of seconds. 

(If you do not have any special UV lamp, we can help you in getting them)

With these two steps your wristband security will be very good, and unauthorised personnel cannot enter your event for sure. You can also make sure that your wristbands will not be forged. 

UV printing has many other benefits as well. You can use these wristbands for promotional purposes or prize draws as well. If you only print a certain number of wristbands with UV printing you can find out who is the winner by simply checking the bands and you can announce the winners in a few minutes. All you need is a few UV lamps to provide the necessary light to make the printing visible. By giving them free entry or other prizes you can make them keep the wristbands until your next event, showing all their friends how awesome it was that they won. They will also be likely to go to the next event and probably with their friends so you will get more consumption of drinks, food etc. You would not want to leave out on a great opportunity like this would you? 

Best security wristbands in two steps

6 mistakes you can fall for at an event

Date: 09.01.2014. 

Thank you for reading our blog! You are probably here to find out more about the wristbands and what opportunities they may hold. Wristbands are great to promote your company, event or products as well. Wristbands are also great for building your company image using your logos and other design elements. 

6 mistakes you can fall for at an event

Thank you for reading our blog! You are probably here to find out more about the wristbands and what opportunities they may hold. Wristbands are great to promote your company, event or products as well. Wristbands are also great for building your company image using your logos and other design elements.

There are some things that can go wrong and mistakes you can fall for with using wristbands, and this is why we made this short checklist for you. We hope this will help you to avoid any problems in the future! 

Think ahead: The biggest mistake is probably if you leave everything last minute. It is not good because you do not leave a chance for suppliers or subcontractors to deal with any obstacles or changes. If you would like custom wristbands, lanyards, silicone wristbands that are great quality and for low prices – you have to begin planning the wristbands 2 weeks prior to your event at least. You want professional quality and fast service? We are up for the job.

Planning: The success of your event can depend on the smallest details. For example what if the wristbands would not arrive in time? This can seem like a minor problem, but it can result in serious issues, regardless they are tyvek or a fabric wristbands. Best to plan ahead with all deadlines and dates written down so you can monitor the progress of everything going on with your event. 

Set a Budget: Save yourself some unpleasant moments, by simply looking into the costs. How much are the wristbands? How much is the delivery? If something is not clear contact the company and ask for a quote. Wristfield provide customer service support in every case that we see something is not right with the cost or the order and we make direct contact with the customer. 

Avoid misunderstandings: To do this all you have to do, is write down everything clearly what is inside your mind. What type of wristband? What kind of design? These are the questions that should be answered before the wristbands are made. Wristfield will always send a proof of design prior to printing the wristbands to ensure they are satisfactory to the customer. 

Two heads are better than one: It is not your fault if you are so caught up in the details that you pass over some things, let it be a small mistake or an important detail. The solution is to ask someone what they think about the event plan. Did you forget the wristbands?! 

After the event: Your job is not finished by closing the doors of your event! If you were smart and made them register/ sign up you can send emails out to thanking them that they were at your event or ask for feedback. Later you can even send out promotion for your next event. 

We hope that these small tricks can help your company, to make your events better in the future. 

Glow sticks for a spectacular light effect!

Date: 09.01.2014. 

Think about it, how awesome are glow sticks in the dark? They draw attention like nothing else. If you are looking for an accessory to make your event look more spectacular, glow sticks are a great choice! 

Világító rúd

Even a few glow sticks give a great light effect in the hands of dancing guests at a party. As they dance they create cool light effects with their own hands, shaking the glow sticks. 

What can you use the glow sticks for? 

Glow sticks are great for „promoting” people in the crowd (e.g. VIP guests). They can be worn in the neck along with lanyards nicely, thanks to the little hook on the end. 

Tips: If you want to enhance the mood of the party, it is a great idea to give out glow sticks to the audience! 

What else can you use the glow sticks for? 

At a larger festival or longer events it can help the audience find their tents in the dark, signal their friends to find each other easier, or if they dropped something in the dark thanks to the glow sticks strong light it can help to find that key or phone! There are many other cool ways to use these glowing accessories to their extent, feel free to experiment and share your experience with us! >>>

The glow sticks contain non poisonous chemical that are not fit to human consumption, please do not try to open them. Keep out of the reach of children. 
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