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Super excited about our launch! #ppcchat   #adwords  
Now more than ever, people search online to find things nearby. That’s why we continue to develop richer local ad formats that deliver more relevant information based on what someone searches for. 

“Where’s the nearest location?”
Last year []  we enhanced location extensions to show up to three different locations for a business in a single ad unit for those “where’s the nearest location” moments. This improvement offers consumers the flexibility to choose which of your locations is most convenient for them.

“What businesses are near me?”
Starting today, we’ll now show three or four different businesses for location-related searches like “nearby auto repair.” Each ad unit will feature click-to-call and directions right at people’s fingertips. This new format organizes the information that your on-the-go customers need so they can easily compare options and take action, like calling your business or visiting your store.

If you have location extensions [] enabled in your account, you’ll be eligible to show these new mobile ad formats. Learn more on our blog.

There are many types of extensions in AdWords that can make your ads more useful and engaging. To learn tips for best ways to use extensions for your business, check out our Best Practices whitepaper Fully Extended here:   

Posted by Ayush Agarwal, Product Manager, AdWords

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Never been a better time to make software.
Just look at all the inputs we get to play with.

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A documentary about #SF from 1963

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Prabhu Deva meets 
#Bollywood   #hilarious   #funny  

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Just doing some low key resort skiing... :)

One of those days 2 - Candide Thovex:

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A show floor full of world premieres and innovations: Here at #NAIAS2015 we're ready to open the doors to the public for a nine-day show that starts on Saturday. #BMWdetroit
North American International Auto Show 2015
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“The issue with the rice plant is that it tends to store the arsenic in the grain, rather than in the leaves or elsewhere,” said Jody Banks, a plant biologist at Purdue University, who studies arsenic uptake in plants. “It moves there quite easily.”
#food   #rice  

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Who says there can't be innovation in sports? From Germany, meet Headis, a combination of...well, you'll have to see it yourself to believe it. And these players are GOOD.

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Always wondered about this
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