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I have had one of the worst customer service experiences of my life with this seller. I was looking for the Dragon Age RPG Set 2 and noticed that they had it available via their website. By chance I also had my Amazon open and noticed that they also had the product available via Amazon Prime. On their website the product was listed at $35.99 and they had one available in stock. On Amazon they had the product listed at $247.99. Being an honest person, I messaged them via Amazon about the huge price gap and stated that I would prefer to ship via Amazon, but I would buy from their website if that was not an option. When I decided that night to try and check out, my RPG set suddenly dropped from my cart in the check out process. The next morning I received a message that they no longer carried that kit, and that they had shipped all product to an Amazon Warehouse, and that I could purchase it for the very low price of $247.99. I was assured it was a fluke that never occurred. The price of course matching other stores who had upped the price unreasonably due to low stock (it regularly sells on eBay for a maximum of $80.00 but on average between $25-40, I wanted this product from them due to it being a gift that I needed for immediate shipment). Well, I was upset to say the least. I sent them a message telling them that it was wrong to list items on the website then retract them only to list them on Amazon for crazy prices. Despite all of this I was still willing to buy the Dragon Age GM kit from them seeing as it was an okay price of $31.99 (double MSRP) and there were four in stock. The GM kit was still in my cart and that same night I went to pay for it. I made sure to check that there were still four in stock listed on the general website and that it was still definitely in my cart. Imagine my surprise when once again my kit dropped from the checkout process. For a fluke it had occurred twice within 24 hours, and somehow they managed to have plenty of stock on Amazon at the price of $149.99. I called them at the store, only to be told that they have never heard of this happening before and something must be wrong with their inventory. I called their Retail Manager and I was very rudely told all of their RPG stock had been pulled from their shelves long ago and that if I wanted it for a decent price I should go to eBay. She also lied about the checkout process, stating that she had pulled all of their RPG kits that first night when she was notified. I am highly upset and disappointed by this interaction and I would NEVER recommend anyone to shop from such a discourteous and disingenuous seller. Their online inventory is clearly inaccurate and their customer satisfaction guarantee clearly means very little. I can understand charging a little above MSRP, but to charge these insanely high prices with only "everyone else is doing it" as a qualification just shows that they are not a customer centric business. I would suggest shopping elsewhere if you are looking for an honest and trustworthy seller.
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