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Rawn Rackers

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This Is The State Of The World And The World Economy At The Moment:
Full of growth and small yelled:

Rawn Rackers

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Hule And The Boy’s Resume The Search For Dave:
“ I know”,
Said’s Hule.
“Were go down to the lone tree in the wilderness, you know his fondness for nature”.
As Hule and the boy’s walk toward the tree in the wilderness they see in the distance a lone figure dancing around the tree.
“What’s that in the distance”.
Said one of the boy’s.
“I’m tree, I’m tree, I’m tree, at last I’m a full 100% I’m tree”.
“Albert, put you’re cloths on it’s gonna snow tonight, you’re catch you’re death, O’ and watch out for that turd”.
A faint sound echoed in the wind:
“What’s ve need now is some dung beetles, ya”.
“Did you ere tha, it sounded like that old tree specialist whispering in the wind”
Suddenly a loud cry from the distance:
“Dung beetles, yerrrrr”.
Shouted porky the pig, as he raced towards the lone tree
“Dung Beetles, my favourite, ummm”.
“Albert, Porky’s escaped again”

Rawn Rackers

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It’s New Years Day And It’s Time for A Cook Up:

Christmas is over and the New Year has begun,

all the turkey has been eaten and the roast spuds have been done,

time to clean out the freezer and see what’s there,

A few fish fingers and some leftover pizza stuck in the ice in the corner,

chip it out and stick it on the tray,

some fresh tomato and cheese grated nice over the top, a tease,

into the microwave it do go, for five minutes or more, it’s a show,

until it is done and food be there,

some extra hot chilly sauce and a ice cold beer,

Happy New Year to all you out there,

From the Rawn Racker cook book.

A Note From Albert:

Don't forget the red peppers now, finly diced sprin-caled over the top

Fish Fingers And Pizza:

Rawn Rackers

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As Captain Pickel and Captine Rubines still walking the baron lands only guided by a bright star that shines in the distance sky:

Later That Day:

“ Orrr, I could naf do with a smoke old chap, Wot, Wot.

“Talking of smoke that looks like an old kebab shop over their old man, Wot, Wot.

“We must be nearing a human habitat old friend, Wot, Wot.

“slow down your walking to fast, old bean, Wot, Wot.

“Its not that I’m walking to fast, it’s that you’re walking to slow old chum, Wot, Wot.

As Morning starts to appear over the dark a-ris-son Captain Pickel and Captain Rubines Wake up in an old barn

Pieces of the beams and stutcher are missing and sinders lay soldering on the floor.
That kebab was a bit tough WoT

A bit woody I would say. Wot

Captain Pickle and his friend Captain Rubines clear up and hide in the barn
As night starts to fall again. Some people come along and open the barn door.

"All the hotels are full we only have the barn left".

"How much".

"Take it or leave it".

"I'll take it,

Do you know how much he charged for this, the sumuck".
"No dear lets rest over there by the straw".

Captain Pickle hidding looks over into the corner of the barn.

"what’s that movement over there old man wot wot".

"I don’t know, let’s take a look old chap wot wot".

"Who go’s there, wot , wot".

It’s Captain Rubuins by George it’s Captains Rubuins he’s escaped, how are you old friend, Har, Har, it’s Captain Rubuins, Captain Rubines it’s Captain Rubuins,  what a great time for a reunion of old friends, lets get the fire going and have some more of that kebab, Wot, wot".

"Reer or well done old man, wot ,wot".

"O’ decadently well done old chap, wot, wot".

Captain Pickele:

 On being reunited with his old chums Captain Pickele and this trusted chums all together once more have a sing song,

"We three kings from distances far bearing gifts of frack, scens and murr,
 Turning up in an old car , Har, Har, Hra, Har,Har, Hurrrrrr, Har, Har Har, Wot, Wot".

Just then Captain Pickele and his chums hear a faint cry of a new born baby.

As we leave Captain Pickle and his chums to there sing song.
It just leaves the Rawn Rackers Gang once again to say, Merry Christmas were ever you’r from. 
And a wish of hope that new life this Christmas brings into the New Year a more peaceful and better world.

Peace Talks Parts One Mix Down Two: Featuring the first syn vocals: Plus Peace Talks Parts Two War: Mix Down One:
Note the tracks Peace Talks One and Two Peace Talks War: have depleted though the years of time of travel and are in need of mix completion: 
Artist: Cooke: Off The Stolen Relics Album 1989:

The day the UK dragged its nation from its beds into a war that no one wanted

Rawn Rackers

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The Floods continue Its Only Time In The Jet Stream:

Well it looks like professor Linkenstander from Stockholm was right and a moderate monsoon has happened in the UK.

Professor Linkenstander:

 yes it looks like the volcanic activity combined with solar radiation out at sea is at work as predicted, lets just hope the volcanic activity stays in the air disrupting the weather only and doesn’t start moving the ground under the sea, as will happen in the coming years causing large scale wave flooding from the sea, combined with the air disruption that we are now expiring will cause major disasters not only for the UK but America, France Portugal Spain all the Meddertrain areas and the west coast of Africa

The Beginnings Of Volcanic Activity From The Earth Solar Radiation From Outer Space Mixing With The Air Causing Storm After Storm To Hit The UK:

Rawn Rackers

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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up:

Wot Do I Want To Be

Let Me Put It A Bit More Sim-pa-ley

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up

Of The Totaly Sane Album
Dec 2012

Rawn Rackers

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Control Part One: A Journey Though Space And Time:
Control is part of a three piece project based on a journey that I made some years ago.
It moves off into a type of film backing track that interests me as I had no film in mind when I wrote Control Parts 1, 2 and 3.
The reason for three parts. The original tune moves off then starts to change direction and becomes three separate tunes that are all linked into one tune.
This inspired me to start thinking about dimensions and dimensional disorder what was once a journey of stress was now a journey of thought though time and space that was all happening at the same time but in a different time period.
Is there a Control Part 4 in the pipe line or do we leave the tune in the past, and when listened to journey back in time to re remember the journey that I once took

Rawn Rackers

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The Mice:

“I’m bored let’s have a listen to Master D”

“Yer, when’s his new single come out”

“I don’t know, he keeps vanishing”


“Yer you know one minute he’s here next minute he’s gone”

Rawn Rackers

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The Tree That Slid Down The Bank Crashing Across The Road:

The Tree:

“Oww I would have to go over the day I had no knickers on”.

Don’t worry love the knickers repair man will be along in a minute, he’ll have you up and running in no time?

Happy Boxing Day Everyone:

Rawn Rackers

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Driving Home For Christmas:

“I’m driving home for Christmas
With me old turkey in da boot”.

“Errr, I hope that turkey can swim other wise were not gonna get any Christmas dinner this year”.

Don't worry everybody, alvo your really bothered, me and the turkey made it, lucky i'm a level two on inshore waters.

Merry Christmas everyone,

From the Rawn Racker Team,

Kiss kiss

Driving Home For Christmas:

Rawn Rackers

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P.S. The Rawn Racker Show Is Closing Down For A Few Days:

Because we understand that the world is gonna end and be reborn in a new light.

Well wev gone and dug a big deep whole and we are now filling it with everything we can get are hands on, The Rawn Racker Show will see you after the world ends and the new world starts if it does:

“You got it then”

“Yer we got it”

“Well hurry up then and though it in then and lets close the hatch”

“Merry Christmas everyone, if we don’t get back before the gear runs out,
From all the Rawn Racker Hideout
If we do get back after the end of the world”

“Albert, ur off again, were waiting to close the hatch
Come on you lot,
Ow jingle bells,
Batman smells.
Robins run away,
The Bat mobile has lose it’s wheels”

“O, no not that one again, we did that one last year”

“Er, weres Dave”

“We couldn’t find him, he’s all alone in the mist, all on his own”

As the Rawn Racker team seal the hatch they look up at the closed opening saying together:

"Owww, e’s all alone in the mist all alone, owww”

And While The Rawn Racker Team Is Away Something Soothing:

Master D Waves:

Rawn Rackers

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Of The Totally Sane Album 2012: Keep On Pumping It Baby:

Take One: Not Complete But There: Keep On Pumping It Baby, Yer Yer Yer.

Note For Your Study:

See if you can here the caped horn in the back ground of the vocals beginning to break though they will become more apparent in Take Two:

Keep On Pumping It Baby Yer Yer Yer:
Rawn Rackers is a combination of film, music and humour for your entertainment