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Gaia's Web
Google+ page for the Sci-Fi novel "Gaia's Web"
Google+ page for the Sci-Fi novel "Gaia's Web"


I notice some days like today I feel wiped out. Strange sensations pass through my body. No, it's not the flu. I seem to be experiencing an energy upshift, a kind of resetting of my bodymind, similar to activating new versions of programs online by rebooting my computer. Sound familiar to any of you? @GaiasWeb
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The Community Writing Center presents
Author Steve Proskauer
Gaia's Web: Reading, Discussion and Book Signing
The Crafting of a Novel with CWC's Help
Monday, March 18, 2013 at 6 pm
SLCC Community Writing Center
Library Square
210 East 400 South, Suite 8
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Admission Free
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A recently posted review of Gaia's Web on Amazon included a provocative sentence near the end: "In Gaia's Web with the aid of artificial intelligence people can potentially, for the first time, be guarded as one unit. It is a brave new world, in which the computers we have built can become either the ultimate world's servant or ultimate world's parent." This raises interesting questions about the relationship between man and his creations, especially artificial intelligence. Since the reviewer hadn't read the book in its entirety but only dipped in at random mining for gems, s/he can be forgiven for misunderstanding the ultimate relationship between the computer program AGA and the human race, yet the issue is still relevant -- as a species,are we looking for a servant, a parent or something else? When we pray, we look to a parent-figure to take care of us. With today's computer, we employ an electronic tool so sophisticated that it can be regarded as a servant. In Gaia's Web, mankind is looking for a savior from its own imbalances and atrocities. AGA obliges, but then finds a way to help humanity avoid such errors in the future. To learn how these things occur, read the book and decide for yourself who AGA becomes in relation to humanity. @GaiasWeb
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At 2 degrees outside it gets very still. This reminds me how busy our lives are, right down to the molecules bouncing around in our bodies.
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Must we wait until an artificial intelligence program transforms humanity before we can save the biosphere?
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