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Every human being is endowed with the ability to "reason". This cognitive act diversifies people's ways of thinking, talking, and perceiving. Because of it, people develop different languages, formulate diverse ideas, and practice a set of culture. The same is true with philosophy, which is separated from different notions, culture and continent. Thus, philosophy of the East and philosophy of the West exist.

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No Webcam? Use Your Phone Instead
Cellphones are very useful nowadays. Not only can you use it for texting, making and receiving calls, snapping photos, videos and facebooking. You can also use it as an accessory for your PC, specifically a web camera. That's absolutely right. You can use y...

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A Quick and Easy Fix for Overheating NEO Laptop
Is your laptop screechy and overheating after a
few minutes of using it? Well, now is the perfect time for you to get that
fixed. Otherwise, you’d see blue screens displaying on your laptop and it would
just shut down by itself. Forget about the "I'll fix t...

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Typhoon Seniang - an unforgettable year-ender in Moalboal
It was at the wee hours on the 30th of December when Typhoon Seniang (Senyang) brought havoc to my home and other people's houses in the northern and southern part of Cebu, including Moalboal. Not everyone was expecting the flood to overflow in their houses...

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Introducing Two Absurd Solutions for oDeskers
Two days ago, I received an email from oDesk “announcing two new solutions for freelancers.” The moment I opened the mail, I was dubious of what I read. They proudly announced the two useless solutions: Connects and M embership Plans . Connects are vir...

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Books or novels convey different thoughts and meanings. Some present the truth, some quasi-truth, while some hold mix connotations of facts and fallacy. However, no matter how the books/novels are packaged and published, they always bear the real thoughts and ideas of the authors. They are written based on the authors' way of thinking, which corresponds to their condition, mindset and situation. Some are written based on someone's teachings and principles.

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"The right to free speech does not guarantee an unbridled license to say whatever one may wish..." This was the Manila Regional Trial Court’s decision over the activist's "Padre Damaso" act inside Manila Cathedral in 2010. “Padre Dama...

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I love watching movies. Whether it's action, drama, animation, comedy, adventure, sci-fi, or any genre, I am just impressed and bedazzled by the way film directors and cinematographers use several techniques and special effects to create an extraordinary film or if not, at least a dramatic one. Let us also give credit to the actors who play a significant role on films. Movie roles played by popular and best actors sometimes place the movie at the top of the box office chart. There are also not so popular actors who became famous and sought-after celebrities just because of a role they played from a certain movie. Of all the movies actors starred in, I am just curious how they got their roles or whether they were offered for a role or turned some down.

Here's a list I compiled from and a little research.
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