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Is some what fed up reading opinions wether the band or artist in the photo is good or bad. I'd rather like to read opinions about the photo as a work of art. Of course this doesn't concern only photos of mine, it's a world wide phenomenon.
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The trick, I think, is to treat the 'net, especially social networking sites, as a very non-serious channel for displaying photos. The main motivation for this is that people have an attention span of a squirrel on hallucinogens, so your photo better be shallowly visually gratifying or have naked ladies in it. My theory is that people addicted to +1's or likes are directed to produce shallow photos. Not that you'd be one of those people, just making a point about how bad place this is for the display of photos or receiving meaningful input of your work. And of course, there are exceptions (some very nice and thoughtful people here also).
Word. Though I really have to admit that I could be more active commenting too. So look who's talking, eh? :) But the point I kind of tried to make here was that the artist(s) in the photos are the ones who get more feedback than the actual photo itself. But Kalle, you said it very well in other words than mine. Well, maybe I wouldn't draw such a straight line from +1 addicted to producers of shallow photos, but I understood the point you were there.
Lu Z
Your photos are great. I like them :)
Start taking photos from which the band/artis can not be identified -> no more feedback on the band. ;)
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