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That`s odd... GTM interface is down...

Its not a DNS issue as the domain resolves for logged-out users. It looks like an authentication issue (or the server is offline & being rebooted).

Nothing shown on the Google Server Status list:

Anyone else unable to login to GTM? (pls post in comments)



cc: +Brian Kuhn +Simo Ahava

Note: the rendered code is uneffected its just the Web UI that is offline. (works)

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Hi All,

I am seeking public comments on a GTM setup/template for #Universities. Pls could you post a comment on this thread here in the GTM community...

I am after... a score out of 5 for the technical setup.



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Hi All,

I am seeking feedback on an advanced GTM setup for University websites.

The anonymised GTM config is here (pls download & import to see this)

This project was completed over 12 months ago.

The config included the following (see the config above for details).
- All the generic listeners that GTM supports.
- Lunametrics Vimeo Video tracker script
- EventBrite cross-domain tracking script
- GEO-ip-2-country script & session cookie for isEU lookup.
- SEO markup for homepage, course pages & breadcrumbs.
- SEO Canonical fix for course pages
- Facebook Tag for courseViews
- Adword dynamic remarketing for edu_pagetype (aka pageType).
- Capturing of ucasCode and course pages attributes
- 5 content groups for Faculty, Dept, School and GraduateType (undergduate, postgraduate, doctorate) and pageType.
- CourseView sudo-ecommerce with /Faculty/Dept/School ecommerce category nesting
- Lifetime TutionFee including compound interest accounting for NonEU and EU product price (NonEU is more expensite avg TutionFee ).
- Calculated metrics for total historic TutionFee to align with yearly accounts from actual collected TutionFee.
- Capturing of userFeedback from feedback form (via jQuery listner).
- userID integration with CRM, for applicationStatus (pending, declinde or accepted)

The above installation was created in only 2 days, with 1 day to explain the setup to the client.

My question for the audience is...

1. Can this setup be improved?
2. Would you say that this setup "lacked structure"? (not my words)
Pls see GoogleSheet GA structure is here:
3. Would you say that this setup "overly complex & unwieldy"? (not my words)

The most important bit...

4. Would you say I did a good job looking at the technical setup? (pls could comment with a score out of x/5 for how good you think the setup was).



Technical restrictions on this project:
- There were absolute no DEV resources available for this project & it had a tight deadline.
- It was not possible to use serverside IP-to-country or course dataLayer. However RDFa data was mapped to GTM as this was in a structured form.
- Also, it is not currently possible to do a Vlookup by column using GTM varaible, thus the courseID to courseAttrubutes had to be done in multiple tables rather than 1 table.
- There were bugs/mistakes in some of the RDFa data for international courses and sandwich courses.
- There were bugs in the Hobsons CRM system when #anchor links for cross-domain tracking were enable. Inline code
- There were bugs in clients site when query params where used for for cross-domain tracking. This was due a a very old server than could not handle appended ?_ga= params.

Resource restrictions
- The client had no prior experience of GA or GTM (only ComScore knowledge).
- The client did not have the budget for a KPI session or GA/GTM training.
- The client had never worked with an agency before.

#measure #universities #gtm

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Hi All,

I came up with a new measurement model for GTM installs called #MeasureMatrix

The key component of this is improving the time-to-solve metric.

Here are my slides:

Feedback welcome!



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Hi All,

I noticed that Facebook has added a new listener for DataLayer pushes called tmgoogletagmanager

...Any idea what this does and how its rendered in FB?
fbq("set", "agent", "tmgoogletagmanager", "99999999999");

Help page:

Code snippet...

var gtmFacebookAccountId = "99999999999";
if(typeof fbq==='undefined') {
fbq("set", "autoConfig", false, gtmFacebookAccountId ); // Disable FB auto-events click listners
fbq("set", "agent","tmgoogletagmanager", gtmFacebookAccountId ); // Listen for GA dataLayer
fbq("init", gtmFacebookAccountId );
window._fbq = window._fbq || [];
fbq("track", "PageView");
Help Centre
Help Centre

Q: Has JS minification within GTM been disabled when using CustomHTML?

For example I was expecting...
<script>var myLongVariableName = "somevalue";</script>

To render as...
<script>var a = "somevalue";</script>

But this does not appear to be happening :(

JS Comments are being removed, but variables & whitespaces dont appear to be renamed/removed.

I know there was a tick-box for "dont make this JS global-scope" - but the tick box has disappeared from the UI now.

Thus... Other than manually minifying, is there a way to re-enabled GTM`s minification?



Note1: these variables dont need to be global script, so fine to minify the names.
Note2: I tried both <script type="text/javascript"> and <script> but the output was the same.
Note3: I am aware that minification is disabled on JSONLD script types: <script type="application/ld+json">

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Suggestion: Pls can #defaults be added to the new #FormatValue

Also then text would then make more sense as the "..." is confusing and looks like the text is truncating.

At a wild guess I think they should be these...
- Change Case to {{lowercase}}
- Convert null to {{undefined}}
- Convert undefined to {{null}}
- Convert true to {{true}}
- Convert false to {{false}}

But... great to see this feature!! It been a long time coming!

I can finally remove all those replace "null" with "undefined" patches when using CSS variables - Yah! :)



UPDATED: the help page link is has now been fixed:

cc: +Simo Ahava

Feature Request: Facebook Template tag!

Usecase... in instance where I need to disable/blacklist customHTML, this is the 1 tag I can not risk disabling!

Pls add Facebook template tag.



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Bug report: The Bing Conversion Events template is not working (or validating using the Bing validator for chrome). Thus.... I had to fallback to CustomHTML which does work/validate.

Pls investigate:
- Is currency a required field for this code to execute (uetq.gc="GBP") as this field is missing from the Bing template.
- Are GTM {{variables}} not rendering correctly within the template?
Note: For eventValue and goalValue I am sending these as strings not integers.!msg/tag-manager/6pDbI4lcUmQ/uz7cGUnb4R0J

Help page:

Bing conversion code not executing when in GTM Template
hence changed to CustomHTML
window.uetq = window.uetq || [];
'ec': 'registration',
'ea': 'registration',
'el': 'registration',
'ev': '{{constant_21 as integer}}',
'gv': '{{constant_21 as integer}}',
'gc': 'GBP' // missing in GTM template

(function(w, d, t, r, u) {
var f, n, i;
w[u] = w[u] || [], f = function() {
var o = {
ti: {{Bing_id - 5522584}} // Changed to 99999 on DEV
o.q = w[u], w[u] = new UET(o), w[u].push("pageLoad")
}, n = d.createElement(t), n.src = r, n.async = 1, n.onload = n.onreadystatechange = function() {
var s = this.readyState;
s && s !== "loaded" && s !== "complete" || (f(), n.onload = n.onreadystatechange = null)
}, i = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0], i.parentNode.insertBefore(n, i)
})(window, document, "script", "//", "uetq");
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