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The IMDb Top 250 makes no sense at all. It's quickly becoming a Billboard Top 100 for movies.

For example, Star Wars Rogue One entered the top 250 on day 1 of its release. Is this movie one of the best 250 films of all time? I don't think that even Star Wars fans would consider it that great.

Hacksaw Ridge entered the top 100 in a week or so. It is now considered "the 91st best film of all time." What? It's a good film, but come on.

Arrival (2016) is currently at 104. Seriously?

So I've been tracking Tarkovsky's Stalker, because it's been a title that enters and drops out of the top 250. Stalker is ranked at 213, I don't know why. Stalker is not even in the top 250 in Kinopoisk (Russian IMDb) yet non-Russians think this is one of the best films of all time.

Anyway, Stalker (213) must've been impacted by the entry of Arrival (104), Star Wars: Rogue One (176) and Hacksaw Ridge (91), since they're all rated higher, but nopes. That simply did not happen. Some other titles dropped off the top 250 (not sure which) to make space for these 3 new entries because Stalker stayed at 213. What?

Yes. Stalker is the 213th best film of all time. Three new entries entered above it, but it's still number 213 because magic.

And for some reason, the titled around Stalker have been reshuffled. The Message was rated 3 places higher than Stalker, but due to the entry of Star Wars, Arrival and Hacksaw Ridge, it has dropped below Stalker. But that doesn't make sense. How does the entry of these three films affect the relationship between The Message and Stalker? There is no way some massive votes occurred in these really old films (1976 and 1979) over the last week. I doubt that many people went back to Stalker to change their votes.

People have often accused IMDb of vote-rigging (fanboys and companies vote for films that are not out yet) but the IMDb looks like it is partially handpicked.

We really need something other/better than IMDb.

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Why can't I upload audio on G+?

Uploading photos and gigabyte-sized videos is possible, but audio isn't.   Why the hell not?

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He actually said "In front of the Klopp" today.  #infrontoftheklopp #LFC #Liverpool #Klopp  

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The opposite of pastel is dunkel.  In HSV, this is low value (lightness) and high saturation.  Pastel is light and low-to-medium saturation.   Dunkel colors are darker than what we call "earth tones" and include blues and purples.

Orkantai is a Tocharian Feng Shui.

Valar morghulis.

Senin kalbin bos mudur, calsam evde kimse yok mudur?  Bu mudur?

Bu mudur?   #bumudur

At what point did Apple users go from "I'm the only one I know with an Apple device" to "Let's laugh at Windows Phone's Marketshare!" and "We're #1! We're #1!" ?
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