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+Rob Rogers -- you need a separate news and nonNews stream. I can't follow you on twitter and Google + closely because it floods me with news. If +Jimmy Selix breathes I know it because it lights up my phone... but you would keep my phone buzzing constantly. I find Rob Rogers NEWS interesting and enjoy reading it about once a day... but I have no way prioritizing you from your news links... Just something to think about...
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I will be cleaning Twitter up and using it as a communication tool which will remove the noise from it. Still trying to figure out a way to best dispurse information and TR notes in an effective manner.
Twitter is cleaned up now, no more autoposts (except for Tech-Recipes articles). Should be a huge reduction in noise.
Awesome. Thanks! I was afraid that I would miss you needing something with all the noise. One thing I have found very helpful is to have various twitter users for my different followings. Much easier than lists for me. For example, I follow my personal friends on davak but follow my basketball news on a completely separate nick. That way, if I don't have time for basketball, I just don't swipe over to that account...
Of course, it's not working so well on google + as I keep posting as TR instead of me. :P
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