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Everyone needs to check skill queues asap. CCP did a hard stop on a large portion of them to stop ghost training. 2 of mine were stopped. A few of iniq's. a few others as well. There's a good chance there will be compensation, but you need to get them running again as soon as possible.

Hey guys. I'm going to be doing weekly blops fuckery with my Corp. Any of you that are able and want to come play are welcome. If you can fly a bomber or a recon you can play. I need a dedicated pig. Hybrids are nice but I think I'm going to start sending the hybrid with the drop and send the pig and truck in second for secondary bridging and easier returns. If someone has an alt that can pig hit me up.

Welp. We have collectively shit the bed as a nation. To those of you that got out there and voted, I salute you. For better or worse, we deserve whatever happens. Good luck.

Charles Brown, contact me immediately please.

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I'm building up for some serious trading in jita, so I've been looking around for programs and pages that will help out. Ran across this little gem. I know we already have the spreadsheet but there's some good stuff here.
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Hey guys, your friendly neighborhood fistofwrath here. We've started a guild on Archeage and we need more people. It's a free to play fantasy MMO with a similar economy and PVP model to EVE. We're already setting up the guild infrastructure, and we'll be doing trade runs soon. If you want to come check it out we're on the Ezi server and the Haranya continent. Look forward to seeing more people there!

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