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So where do people place Bellweather Crematorium? I can't see it marked on any of the maps - or have I missed something? It feels like a major city landmark, so I want to nail it down.

I am considering either industrial, smoke-stained Coalridge or the squalor of Dunslough.

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This week, panda demons for Black Hack, Into the Odd, and 5e.

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New blog post: The first of my Shan Lu bestiary.

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Natural History Museum as a dungeon, from my very new blog.

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This week was salvage, slavery, and submariners. Good fun. None can stand before us now I have armoured breeches and a taffeta ruff.

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More barely competent scrawling on the internet. Been on holiday, and so naturally made a dungeon out of it.

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Finally found something new and interesting to do with thri kreen. The adventure basically writes itself if you assume humans or wandering monsters occasionally fall in.

I've probably just missed it in the document, but when it comes to a new fame which playbooks do people do first?

Characters then Crew?
Crew then Characters?

I can see advantages of doing it either way.

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Events are spoken of. Events confusing and violent and moist with potential. Potential and sea water. And crabman blood.

* Blows dust off *
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