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Linux operating systems and open source programs: FOSS/GNU's Not Unix
Linux operating systems and open source programs: FOSS/GNU's Not Unix

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For New Ubuntu, your choice.

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agree :)
Mandelbulber is Cool 3D stereo fractal creator. Ubuntu software center: sciece&engineering sec.

for other OS, visit:

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Linus Torvalds himself. Finland-Swedish. Nowdays Living in USA.

His started by the kernel, Linux is the base.

I have some thought's. Linus Thorvalds is a Finland-Swedish ancestry. Nokia is a Finnish origin, but un able to renew their old Symbian. Meego became green fruit, never matured. But Nokia had a problem in markets, when the market wanted clamshell phone from Nokia was late. When Apple launched its touch screen, smart phone. Nokia was late. Google became with Open Handset Alliance Android.

Today, Android smart phones have a choice with any size bankroll.
Now, Android tablets of various sizes are here to stay.
But keep in mind that Android and Chrome OS is Google's Linux forks. Chrome OS is based on the highly Canonical's work.
Ubuntu is Canonical's main product.

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Interactive map of Linux kernel

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tsek PDF:s Enlightment users :)
We are holding a Tizen Workgroup all day today at #lfcollab. We'll be posting the presentations as soon as we get them from the presenters. You can see the agenda and get the presentation materials on

Todays update Ubuntu Linux kernel 3.0.0-18 + Chromium may cause problems, crashes.

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Android is real Linux, but it is't orginal Intel 80386 based Kernel architecture. Android is Fork of Linux and one of the Distributions what Google updates.

Android is more Linux Kernel on ARM architecture with Dalvik: Java virtual machine. Google made good competitor to IOS and almost kill other Mobile Operating systems.
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