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   “Style” is such a
important word that move a things especially “fashion” , In the past the trend
was into “Maximal and Luxury”  but then
they become “Minimal and Modern”. Last week I have a chance to visit 6 fashion shows on Elle
fashion week in Bangkok....

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From the Tradition To The Contemporary Essence
FROM THE TRADITION TO   THE CONTEMPORARY ESSENCE   I am the one who always felt in love with hand crafts especially hand weaving. I know that the world already changed. They have such a lot of technologies nowadays and that make it able to fix every mistake...

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Street Style in Korea fashion week
             sorry for don’t update any photo or any work for a long time,
finally I have a time to deal with such a lot of photos from my trip so This
entry I will show you the photo I took from Seoul fashion week. so you can see
what they were wearing for...

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Sometimes a day goes by
A few weeks ago I went to my old school were taught me all about fashion design  It's not a Secondary School or High School
but It's like a tutor, Tutor that you can choose what you want to
lean,what you want to be in a future   and of course if you give ...

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Find a Seoul of Soul
If you have been follow me on Instagram, You’ll found that I went to Seoul fashion week in Korea immediately during my project in college. Throwback  to  1 or 2 weeks before the show. me and my friends was working really hard on fashion design project that ...

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Prelude fashion show in Singapore
 this is not my first time in Singapore. It might be 4 or 5 times but I really love this place, to come to Singapore it become apart of my favorite thing. I love the way it is a small country. I believe that everyone know how small Singapore is but That 's ...

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Met Gala 2015 Illustration
Now I already design to post my works and absolutely My illustrations here with more photos that you don't ever seen in my Instargram so you can see more details that hard to see on my Instargram because in there is just a few photos with a really small siz...

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Indigo Love
it been a while since my last blog here, maybe 1 years I guess. it have a lot of things happend.  today I gonna start with my love to "Indigo" . When you think of Indigo, what you thinking of? Is it remind you of the Sky, The deep blue sea or an adventure? ...

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Hi guys! I just posted my old fashion design work on my blog.
It's fashion project to design a collection make form paper.

please check it !!! and you can also check my work on Instargram @shangrilaxxx
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