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Christina Walker
YA author, librarian, avid reader, & Diet Coke addict
YA author, librarian, avid reader, & Diet Coke addict

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Researching #magic for my #YA #fantasy adventure novel. Also known as going down the rabbit hole...I may not resurface in time for work :)

Working on my #NaNoWriMo story--finally! This book is happening!

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Website not converting? Implement these 3 steps to blast conversions through the roof.

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Do you struggle to get your readers to take action? You can live with abysmal conversion rates, or learn a tried-and-true copywriting formula that works anywhere. Bonus: +Demian Farnworth's examples are hilarious! 
#copywriting   #CRO   #socialmedia  

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Love the flying car--way cooler version of the LIFT model of copywriting than the plane. Click thru for 10 ways to make your content convert as well as your copy.
#CRO   #copywriting  

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Everybody could use more referrals, right? Try these 5 things to boost your word-of-mouth marketing and get more quality referrals.

If you need high-quality #copywriting  (or know someone who does), let me know! My schedule has some openings soon! Email me at and I'll get back to you ASAP.

What are some ways to build your author platform and an audience for your work--especially for unpublished/newbie authors? I'm wondering what I can do to start building an audience before I publish my first book.

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My favorite tip in this great #emailmarketing  article: "Before you go to work creating graphics for your email, make sure the copy can deliver a click. Then, only use graphics that support that copy."

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Great in-depth #CRO  article from +Moz & +Paddy Moogan. Love the focus on the discovery and research--most people don't talk about the importance of solid research.
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