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Jayson James
"Oh no!" "Oh yes!"
"Oh no!" "Oh yes!"


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Website Mess
After years of hosting my images for my website and without warning, Photobucket decided to cut off image hosting unless I am willing to pay them a yearly premium.  After spending an hour trying to put my website images on Google Photos, Blogger and Drive I...

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The Main Characters of Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation
Main Characters of Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation             When
I wrote the ending to Surviving Elite
High: Senior Year , I never imagined that I would pen down a continuation.
To me, Nick and John had the perfect ending. They lived happil...

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So Much Changing, Too Much Changing
This last weekend I ordered my new laptop from Amazon, which will arrive this Friday.  Although I suppose I should be excited, mostly I am saddened.  My life has been enduring many changes I have not been ready for, bring about great stress, restless nights...

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Guest Post: Jenna Galicki
GET ROCKED! In Vegas showcases USA Today, Amazon Bestselling, and Award Winning Rockstar Romance Authors as they take you on a sexy musical journey through Sin City with a group of **ALL NEW** stories, many featuring some of your favorite fictional rock b...

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Faking It
The above banner I made nearly 3 years ago, for what purpose
I can no longer remember.   Although the
banner has remained on my desktop for years, mostly unnoticed, over the last
few days, each time I get onto my computer, my eyes are drawn towards it.   In...

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Thank You for Standing By
This may not be my best piece of writing, but trying to not be a perfectionist and simply get it done.  I'm going to write.  You are welcome to read or maybe you'll check out the cool rainbow color bar graphic and leave.  Either way, thank you for taking th...

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Flashback Interview: Today In the Comfy Chair
This was the last author interview I did with the wonderful Elin Gregory nearly two years ago.  I was delighted with how it went and think it was seen by so few. My guest today is multi-talented educator, author and artist, Jayson James. Welcome Jayson and ...

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Guest Post
Check out this deal from my friend james crawford... You can now get the complete Leech series by James Crawford for only $0.99!  A collection of Books 1,2,and 3 of the Leech series.  Grab your copy now from Amazon ! Caleo Leech Book 1  Every High School ha...
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