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Feel free to share your thoughts about settlements of this matter.
Thank you very much

I just found several bugs when using G+ such as getting linked to random pages whereas I wanted to share a post (in this case, it was linked to pictures that I opened before).
Well, G+ developers still get works to do.

Does anyone know how to look back the entire activities through G+ such as commenting at photos and posts which have been done?

So relaxing, like a fresh water when you feel the world being cruel

Valder Fields - Bridge to Terabithia

Happy New Year 2012 :)

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A little snapshot of my garden when it's raining.
The puddles brought me my childhood memories when I played on them with my bro and sis :)

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I took the view at a traditional Java restaurant. It's Mang Engking on Pandaan, East Java, Indonesia.
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