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Ancient Puppy Paw Prints Found on Roman Tiles

#doglovers #doghistory  
Archaeologists working in Leicester, England have uncovered Roman era tiles that contain the paw prints of a dog. The dog appears to have walked across the tiles before the clay hardened, and before the tiles were fired. 

The deposit that the tiles were found in was a secondary deposit that was used as building fill, so they don't know if the tiles were ever used as floor tiles.

The paw prints and hoof prints of a few curious animals have been preserved for posterity on ancient Roman tiles recently discovered by archaeologists in England.
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+Jörgen Andersson LOL!! True!
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Easter Surprise Cupcakes

I've been seeing some adorable Easter stuff floating around on G+ lately but I thought this was particularly neat.

#easterrecipes #easter  
Easter surprises have never been so sweet! Bake up these festive Easter cupcakes, fill with colorful sprinkles and top with a yellow PEEPS® chick!

Check out these cupcakes at:
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These are so cute. 
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Get your lonely unmatched socks out, you know the ones that are hanging about the laundry room in the hopes that their mate will somehow magically return, and make them useful again. Turn them into an adorable bunny!

#eastercrafts #sockmonkey #sewingideas  
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+Bluetina LMAO!
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Linda Barlee

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Pet Supplies Plus is giving away over $90,000 in free rewards very soon!
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What Label Language Means
You may be drawn to the word "Natural" on the label but it not be quite what you think it means. Same with the term "Cage-Free", though better then caged chickens.

#themoreyouknow #readthelabels
Are you sure you know what you're eating? 

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+AskDrMaxwell You are very welcome :)
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Linda Barlee

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Had a great day at +Brookfield Zoo yesterday. We were there for 6 hours I believe, my feet are still tired. Took a little video of the African Wild Dogs playing (there is no sound). You should have heard them talking up a storm in their high pitched chatter.

It is funny we usually have a game plan when we go to the zoo to maximize viewing of everything with the least amount of walking, but this time we milled about like we had A.D.D.. Oh well, the next time we go we'll be more organized.

My sister bought a family pass this year so my little niece (she was born at the end of last year) could enjoy some funny outings. This trip she got to watch the dolphin show. Not sure if she enjoyed watching the dolphins as much as she enjoyed watching the crowd. The rest of the trip she mostly slept, guess the weather was just to perfect for napping. It was a nice pleasant trip, a little cool in the morning but warmed up to perfect walking around temperature.

Toward the end of the day we had a good snicker while walking around one of the gift-shops. There was this little kid having a meltdown  yelling "I don't want my monkey! ~sob~ I don't want my monkey! ~sob~" all while racing about the store with the mother catch him. Not sure exactly what was going on, but we figured they must have bought him a toy monkey at another gift shop but then saw something he would have rather had at this one. What ever the case it still was funny, you don't often here someone yelling "I don't want my monkey!" We were all snickering to ourselves. I passed by one of the gift-shop workers who was watching all this craziness (frankly I think everyone in the shop was staring and smirking) and I said "Monkeys aren't my favorite either, I understands how he feels." They were finally able to capture the kid and left the shop, outside the kid was still complaining "I don't want my monkey! Stupid monkey!" We busted out laughing.

#zoo #triptothezoo  
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Dogs are really this hard to resist!

It is funny anywhere I go I'll pick up on dogs/dog supplies/dog art with my built in "Doggie Radar". It is a good thing that my family and friends are animal lovers or I would just drive them nuts.

#doglovers #dogsrule #dogsrock  
Me when I see the dogs. 
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Linda Barlee

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My poor Mom had to put Bentley (Chinese Crested) to sleep today. Some health problems and old age just caught up to him. He was 16 years old.
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Thank you +ellyn Henderson
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It is rare when I drop any food on the floor that there isn't a dog around to clean up. But in those instances I'm all alone all I have to is calmly call "dog" and one of them will come to save me. My hero!

#doglovers #doghumor #funnydogmeme  
That is sooooooooooooooo cute and funny!
who agrees?
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