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I found the strangest looking tiger walking around outside my house!

Ok, so that orange stripy thing didn't really turn out to be true tiger but it was something even far more rarer. After consulting my stack of animal guides I discovered it was the rare Pollinating Springer. These strange and wonderful creatures, despite having a open yard to walk about, will often stand under lilies to collect their clothing, skin, and fur staining pollen. They are persistent animals as they will continue to return to the same stand of lillies over and over again no matter how many times you chase them off. Once they have collect enough pollen this seemly docile animal will go on the attack. Pollinating Springers will chase down any human in attempts to transfer some of the pollen in order to stain their skin or clothing.

This particular sighting of the Pollinating Springer I managed to avoid the pollen transfer and was able to capture some photos of the one I call Sunka.
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My wife can be a very stubborn woman, and she likes to do the laundry.... 
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Linda Barlee

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Last week I gave Sunka a much needed haircut. The weather still keeps flip flopping but I figured would just give her head, feet, and buns a bit of a shave to make her feel better. Cahokia has been groomed but I didn't give her a haircut yet, I'll wait I think until next month for warmer temps.

I thought I would do a little side by side before and after comparison of Sunka's semi-haircut. She still needs a lot more work to get her coat back into shape, I'll probably will do a little each week. You wouldn't believe the amount of fur that came off her head alone. It is times like this that I begin to wonder if for my next dog I should get a breed with shorter hair or one that doesn't require clippers.
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+Rita Gijbels Thank you so very much for the B-Day wishes. I've been away from G+ for awhile, I'm now slowly getting back but in a limited state.
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Linda Barlee

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The story of how I almost suffocated to death
Recently I did some grooming on Sunka, I didn't do a full hair cut yet but I brushed her out and what-not. I also started stripping her coat getting it ready for when the warmer weather comes. The weather keeps wavering bouncing from cold, cool, and nice temps so I'm holding off on giving the girls a full blown summer cut. (I don't have any new photos of the girls but I promise I'll get some to show you as soon as I can.)

Now it is Cahokia's turn to get some grooming done so the two of use head downstairs to the grooming room. This should be a piece of cake as Cahokia's coat barely ever knots and is always is so quick to groom. Cahokia runs over to the table and puts her front feet on it waiting for me to help her up. I get her on the table and I pull out my pin brush. There was a little bit of hair in the brush that I didn't get all out from when I groomed Sunka, it was no big deal so I started to brush Cahokia. After the second stroke of the hair brush I realized hair was flying everywhere! Not thinking much of it the moment I just thought maybe I had more hair in the brush then I realized, I stopped and cleaned the brush out. Again I brushed and fur was floating all over, the stuff was coming down like ash from a volcano. And like volcano ash it was choking me. Before I knew it the table was covered in fur, my face very hairy feeling, I could barely tell what color my shirt was because all I could see was black dog hair. I think I ended up using every grooming tool for getting out every bit of loose fur. I thought for sure I would suffocate before I would finally see no more loose fuzz coming out of the hairy volcano monster. Poor Cahokia probably thought I was brushing her raw, I on the other hand was thinking I was going to get buried like Pompeii.

I brushed and brushed until my arm felt like it was going to fall off, my shoulder still feels a bit sore. There was so much coming off Cahokia that it sucked up all my time I had to groom her, I'll need to take her back down another day to finish and I bet there still are pockets of fur that need to come out. Why is nothing ever simple?

#doglovers #doggrooming #doghumor  
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+Jörgen Andersson Hehe! :)
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Linda Barlee

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Update on Beethoven's condition.

The vet gave him an x-ray and some iron did show up on it. The vet said that this usually causes more of a concern with smaller dogs, at least Beethoven has that going for him, BUT he has other health issues so his comprised health could be a problem. At one point Beethoven almost fainted so he was put on fluids for being dehydrated.

Right now he is on his way back home. The fluids seem to have helped him as he is now looking better and smiling again. The results from the test will take a day, so it is now just wait and see.
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+Mary Delaney With all the vomiting he had done I guess it wasn't a big surprise that he had been dehydrated.
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Linda Barlee

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Every year at Easter time I always tell everyone that live (living) rabbits and baby chicks should never ever be given as Easter gifts! After Easter rescues often are inundated with these poor discarded pets. Rabbits and Chickens do make great pets (I've owned rabbits) but make horrible gifts, and worst yet .... Easter "decorations".

via +S. E. Vera-Negrón

Well Easter is coming soon and I just thought I should remind you all that RABBITS DO NOT MAKE GOOD EASTER GIFTS!
Rabbit are a 10 year commitment and on average cost $1,000 a year! They are not a low maintenance pet, they require as much care as a dog or cat! Most rabbits bought as Easter gifts end up dead or in a shelter before their first birthday.

Save a life and stick to chocolate!
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+Ellyn Henderson oh my! Lol!
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Linda Barlee

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"Perfect! Now don't move." click! "Sunka? Did you close your eyes? Dang it dog!"
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+Mary Delaney Haha! Yeah I get some of those as well.
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Linda Barlee

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So, is there anyone left of my followers? I wonder how many people I've lost since I've been on…..well, guess you would call it a long hiatus. Cannot blame anyone if they did, after all it has been three months (much longer then I meant to be away).
To answer questions you may have about my absence:
Q. Did you die? A. Nope. Though at times life can seem like death, but no, I didn't croak.
Q. Did someone else die? A. Again nope, all is okay-dokey.
Q. Are the dogs ok? A. They are doing great and still haven’t started acting their age yet, still the knuckleheads they've always been.
Q. If everything is alright what was up with the your disappearance?  A. Ok, this needs a little explaining….
Originally I only meant to be gone from G+ for the month of May. May is a busy time with many family birthdays and then other happenings were also going, not to mention I needed to fill orders. I tell ya time can fly past when you are busy and not glued to the computer, so before I knew it it was like the middle of June. When you step away from something it can feel daunting to go back to. I also must confess I'm one of those people that can get sucked into being on the computer all day if I'm not careful. The internet can be extremely addictive and adding social media to that mix….well I'm sure you get the idea. May and June I rarely got on the computer, May I was sorta "forced" to stay off the computer. By the middle of June I have very slowly began to let myself have limited computer time. It feels very hard to come back to something I've been away from for so long. I have to limit my time, especially on my social media sites. I have a detrimental compelling habit of needing to read nearly everything everyone posts. So I have to make some changes, this means I wont be able to read everything. I want to apologize now to everyone in advance, there will be posts of yours that I'll most likely will miss seeing and therefore wont respond to. I don't want anyone to think I'm snubbing them if I miss catching their posts because I can't/shouldn't/wont be on G+ everyday every minute. I think what I am going to try a do is maybe get on once a week-ish (depending) for only a short while. I gotta do something to balance my real life and online life.
If anyone has posted stuff to me or if they've commenting on any of my past posts it may be a while before I can get through all that, I warn you now I probably will miss stuff. I can't stay today to begin to catch up but I'll try and get on late tomorrow.
I do have some dog stories to share, as soon as I can write them up I'll start slowly sharing them again. So if there is any of my followers left you'll want to stay tuned.
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+Jacob Clayton AMEN!
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Linda Barlee

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Midwest Canine Influenza

#doglovers #doghealth
BREAKING NEWS: Cornell University issued a press release today that states that the ongoing canine influenza in the Chicago area is due to the H3N2 strain, not the H3N8 strain. This is the first identification of the H3N2 strain outside of Asia.
We're working on updating our resources now
ITHACA, N.Y. – The canine influenza outbreak afflicting more than 1000 dogs in Chicago and other parts of the Midwest is caused by a different strain of the virus than was earlier assumed, according to laboratory scientists at Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin.
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Linda Barlee

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It is crazy how fast time flies. Yikes, it went by so fast this time I didn't realize just how long I'd been away.  Spent time with family for the Easter holiday so we've been in an out, and when I was in I've been filling orders and trying to get the gardens cleaned up. The on and off rains have been impeding my progress with the clean up outside. Hmm.....sounds like more thunder and lighting is coming this way again so I'm going to cut this short. I'll have to come back later to do my posts about Cahokia and Sunka later when the electricity wont be dodgy.

I hope I didn't miss anything exciting on G+ while I've been away. I'll probably will be poking around on here later in the evening if the weather gets better. Catch you all later!
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I can relate in every way +Linda Barlee except the garden part...I moved into a condo and solved that problem! Enjoy the fresh air with the hounds, we'll all be right here to check out pictures of the blooms!
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Linda Barlee

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Easter is coming! The Rabbit is not.

Sorry, but I just find this really funny.

#happyeaster #doghumor   #doglovers  
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+Eric Merchant Nothing gets a dog's attention better then a small bouncing furry critter. ;-)
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Linda Barlee

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Prayers and well wish are greatly appreciated. My aunt's dog Beethoven got a hold of a bag of dog treats and ate the whole thing... but that's not quite the big concern. In the bag of treats was one of those "do not eat" packs to keep the treats dry. It is hard to tell if he ate any of the contents or just ripped up the packet. If he did eat any of it he could possibly have iron poisoning. (We've contacted the treat company but they have no clue what the ingredients of the packet is because they buy it from a Japanese company. A search on the internet yielded information about another dog who had eaten the same packet and iron poisoning is what he was treated for.) Beethoven is on his way to the vet. When I heard anything I'll let you all know how he is doing.
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Still waiting on the results, should hear something by tomorrow. 
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Linda Barlee

Dog Pictures  - 
My girls, Sunka and Cahokia.
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+Mary Delaney Thank you very much :)
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