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A modern day Purim Miracle
  As court duty solicitor, I am required to represent any
defendant appearing at court without his/her own legal representation. On
one occasion, I arrived at court, to be greeted by the court usher, who
directed me towards a rather agitated orthodox Jewish...

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TUESDAY TRUTH – 1st March 2016   By Greg
Powell Après La Débacle La Débacle, a novel by Emile Zola published in 1892 deals with the humiliation
of the French Army by Prussia 20 years earlier.  Fast-forward almost 150
years to another process that merits...

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The Tuesday Truth
(the author of this week's Tuesday Truth wished to remain annonymous) Dear Leaders of The Bar I write this letter out of complete and utter
despair.   I write this in the hope of
stopping the absurd two pronged attack that criminal solicitors (and to some

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The Tuesday Truth
By Jon
Black President of the LCCSA Jeremy Corbyn wasn't
everyone's choice of leader, but the sheer size of his victory clearly
demonstrates the level of support he enjoys. Whether you voted
or not, whether you welcome his election or not, one thing
is for ...

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The Tuesday Truth
Court charge is now becoming somewhat of a comedy as Her Majesty ’ s judges do not seem to be
taking seriously the laws passed by Her Majesty ’ s government.   One Judge having apologised to the defendant
for having to impose it then ordered him to pay ...

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The Tuesday Truth
Story so Far by Zoe Gascoyne   In April 2013
the then Lord Chancellor, Chris Grayling, announced plans to cut criminal legal
aid by 17.5%. He recognised that the profession could not sustain such a cut
and so he sought to enforce market consolidation. H...

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The Tuesday Truth
Magistrates are
in revolt over what I will refer to in this blog as “Grayling’s Parting Gift”
the Criminal Courts Charge. Over 20 have resigned in protest. The charges vary
from the Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court, they are mandatory and not means

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The Tuesday Truth
by Zoe Gascoyne and Paul Harris It is
just under a week since many criminal lawyers across the country began their
action against the 1 st July fee cuts. A keen
observer of social media could be forgiven for confusing the announcements by
different cities o...

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The Tuesday Truth
Its 8.45pm on
Tuesday 30 th June 2015. There is barely any of Tuesday left so not
much time for any Tuesday Truth Tomorrow the
Legal Aid Practitioners Group celebrates their Legal aid Lawyer of the Year
award 2015. I went last year and recognised that at a ...

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The Tuesday
Written by Jon Black President of the LCCSA on behalf of
the LCCSA and CLSA And our ballot, sorry survey, sorry purely non-
advisory response of random people not creating anything like a consensus says….It’s
the same battle   Reading this week’s Monday mes...
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