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Sorcerer Annotated
Tears of a Machine
Juggernaut deck
Apocalypse World (1st edition)
Tulip Academy's Society for Dangerous Gentlemen
Misery Bubblegum deck
Rookvale deck
Mortal Coil (1st edition)

Board games:
RWBY: Combat Ready Board Game
Space Alert
Pandante w/ "Light & Dark" Expansion
Neon Moon Tarot
Hostage Negotiator
Icon Tarot
Pathfinder Harrow Deck

Prices and details at the spreadsheet.

Free free to make me an offer. Payment should include $5 for shipping. Comment below or email me ( if you're interested.

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Concept: a pro wrestling league, set in the 90s, but every fighter and faction is named after a Voodoo Glow Skulls song. (n.b. VGS = 90s ska-punk group)

"Los Hombres Que No Lloran" - a spooky dapper trio

"Band Geek Mafia" - their foils, a kind of trolly New Day before their time

"El Coo Cooi" - a Monster for sure

"Human Piñata" - more the nickname of a hapless jobber, he kayfabe hates it

"Bulletproof" - a Technician w decent Power

"Shoot the Moon" - actually a finisher that any wrestler can do when the time is right

"Baile de Los Locos" - definitely a large, wild faction of 2 masked superstars and like 12 masked jobbers; only wrestles noDQ matches

Add your own!

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A thought for game-designer friends about unpublished games. Today's #RPGaDay2017 post might make you feel left out if you don't see people mentioning one of your own games. I wanted to say that I empathize with that feeling.

Remember that a surge of mentions does not finish the game, and a game that is not mentioned still deserves to be completed. Every time I sit down for a playtest, when I see someone's passion at work, and I see a system at play, there is something that deserves to be finished in some form, and that can be finished in some form.

That said, you also don't have to finish if you don't want to. If a project is reflective of where you were, and not what you want to do now, the memories you've given people (and yourself) are enough of a legacy.

Anyway, good luck.

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New on KS: an awesome sci-fi RPG video-game by a friend. If you have interest in classic JRPGs and/or far-future sci-fi intelligences, this will be of interest. (It also has a free demo you can try out.)

Silicon Void is a sci-fi RPG that puts a space exploration twist on the dungeon crawler genre, and features highly technical turn-based combat inspired by the unique battle systems of offbeat Japanese RPG classics like Chrono Cross.

The game casts the player in the role of an artificial intelligence fighting to survive in a distant future after all biological life has mysteriously vanished. Thrust into the midst of a power struggle between corrupted AIs, you will confront the grim consequences of living forever but turning into something unrecognizable in the process.
Silicon Void
Silicon Void

#rpgaday2017 What is an RPG you would like to see published?

(Ignoring my own, of course.) Two come to mind today.

Emperor's Heart (+Chris Chinn), a space-opera wuxia action melodrama as you must restore the emperor's heart (or destroy it). I played one version in ~2006 with small content cards, tropey goodness, and fast scenes. I feel it just clicked.

Mars 244 (+Rachel E.S. Walton), about a doomed spaceship of asylum seekers. It tore at my heart and threw it into space, and I want to bring that experience to my friends.

(And there are many others. If you've shared a game-in-progress with me, know that it warmed my heart and I want to see it complete, if that is what you wish.)

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danny l harle is good if you are pop

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lol name of playlist and contents

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A sweet song. It makes me sad that the weird, sweet Amelie musical never got much of as a chance.

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