thanks craig, i agree - killer team, amazing hard work and one of the biggest sites on the entire freaking internet :)
Congrats to all involved on the AMAZING numbers that +The Huffington Post put up in the past year. So proud of all involved.. remarkable teamwork that makes the magic happen there and led to this fantastic growth.. and feel fortunate to have been a small part of that.

Shouts to +Dean Praetorius +Travis Donovan +Paul Berry +Nico Pitney +Whitney Snyder +Bianca Bosker +Jake Bialer +Elena Haliczer +Alana Horowitz +Mark Hanrahan +Adam Goldberg +carly schwartz +Chris Gentilviso +Mandy Jenkins +Ryan Grim +Elyse Siegel +Tim O'Brien +Tim Stenovec +Steven Hoffer +Tara Kelly +Stephanie Marcus +Ileana Llorens +Laura Hibbard +Niel Bekker +Jaweed Kaleem +Sara Kenigsberg +Simon Heseltine +Mia Aquino + everyone else. Keep up the great work!
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