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C Menard
A Mom to three who uses running as her time to think.
A Mom to three who uses running as her time to think.

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Running on the Mind of Lori H.
We all have a story, a beginning, a tipping point. A reason. That reason is everything.  It is weaved into your journey into your life story and becomes motivation, encouragement and fuel.  Just like how certain smells can trigger a vivid memory at any mome...

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Extra Bling and a GiVeAwAy!
I am a runner.  Plain and simple.  Most days it is not hard to tell that I run.  I am mostly spotted at weird hours of the day in all weather types hitting the pavement and pushing my limits. Or I am in the school pick up line sporting my Seacoast Race Seri...

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On The Running Mind of Jen M
I am so very very excited this week to feature another round of my favorite ever segment! This week it is a blurb from the running mind of Jen, one of the absolutley amazing women from my local woman's running club.  She is beyond inspiring, funny as all ge...

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On the Running Mind of Karri
Here is the deal, the super exciting and amazing deal.  One night while I was in the shower after a group run I got to thinking.  I love running in groups, I love hearing the chatter of whatever pops into our minds.  I love sharing whatever the road brings ...

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Out with the old and in with the new?
Out with the old in with the new, a fresh start, a new book, the new year is going to be the best one yet, and so the list of New Year's traditional sayings goes on. Then there are the lists of resolutions to be more fit, lose weight, tone up, get abs, run ...

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Hello from the Runner Side
Hello?  Hello from the
other side.  The other side of running
pregnant that is, and the other side of running with an infant, and the other side
of running for marathon training and the other side of running with any race at
all in my sight.  Where have I b...

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I will forever be Team Kyle in my heart
Remember that little 26.2 mile jaunt that I did way back in May?  The day that I became a marathoner was also the day that I discovered the amazingness of Team Kyle.  After I had run, after I showered and changed, after I tucked my sweet little sick mini in...

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Whenever yo`u push yourself outside your comfort zone things happen.  You break, you rise and you grow.  You also learn, you learn things about yourself that you never knew.  You learn that you can do things that are completley daunting.  You learn that you...

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Epicness in 200 miles
Its Wednesday. It has been 4 days since I last stepped out of the white beast of a van that we called George. George was my home on wheels for a few days as myself and 11 other teammates made the trek from the mountains of NH to the beach.  It has been 4 da...
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