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What's the chances of getting into a class with a wait list? I wait listed intro to security and I am about 68th on the list. Do they usually open up to allow the wait listers? I registered for another class as a backup.... Since there is a 3hr limit, am I going to be kicked out of security?

Does anyone know when the official list of summer 2016 courses is available?

So, is there many classes to choose from for the summer session?  Is it the full summer session or the short ones?  Anyone have experience with summer classes?

Is there a way to log into the Udacity phone app with your gatech account? None of the emails that I have seem to be associated with it.

When do you get to start seeing class materials?  

Did the software engineering specialization become computing systems? They seemed to have changed since I have been accepted. Is this a problem?

Since I'm new to online learning and starting in the fall, is there a write up about what to expect from the program? Just wondered if there is an orientation document that will give you a feel for how to do things like lectures, homework, tests, projects, etc. Also, there seems to be a lot of different websites for different purposes, is there a master decoder ring?


Now that there are a few more students through the system, can anyone give me a rundown on how life is while taking the courses?

This is mainly what I want to know:
- can all course work be done after after hours? Do you need to watch lectures or do tests at specific times, or can you schedule around your job? Are projects flexible also?


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Rain Lamp with Actual Water

New from Richard Clarkson:

Continuing the studio’s nature inspired product line, the Rain lamp uses actual water to create a shimmering ripple effect. The inherent shape of the globe becomes a magnifying lens projecting the effect on the surface below. LED technology allows for mixing of light and water in ways that were never before possible. Rated to last over 100,000 hours the LED bulb is both stunningly bright and completely waterproof. A hidden pump circulates water from the pool and releases droplets that fall around the bulb. As the droplets fall upon the pool the light reflects on the surface and dances to the ripples. A wireless remote enables the user to specify both the intensity and frequency of the droplets within a given range.

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