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Jonathan Mugan
Computer scientist: AI and machine learning. Author of The Curiosity Cycle
Computer scientist: AI and machine learning. Author of The Curiosity Cycle

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Maybe the stress of contemporary life comes from the abstract nature of modern knowledge. Symbols require an inward focus, which is where anxiety also lives.

The battery on my iPhone 6 dies when I use maps. The silver lining is that I've rediscovered the art of navigation practiced by our ancestors.

Why do I love AI? Sure, to help the world, but I imagine I feel similar to how early humans did about fire. Dangerous, but still our destiny.

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I was appalled when I first heard about bag-of-words in NLP and how much work was done with it. It was like when I was a kid and learned that the space shuttle didn't have laser guns on it.

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I gave a talk on how to move from natural language processing to artificial intelligence.

A computational model allows a robot to ask what would happen if variable x had value v. Such counterfactual reasoning is the crux of imagination.

Dana Ballard on consciousness:
1. We are zombies when our mental programs are working, like on a familiar drive to work.
2. Consciousness is debug mode. When we have to stop and think, like when there is an unexpected detour.

Maybe if there were a camera on Alexa, she could learn language the way a human child does, through continuous observation and interaction.

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How to Progress from NLP to Artificial Intelligence
Here's the abstract for my upcoming talk at Data Day Texas.
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