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GETEC Industrial - 4 Keys to Consider about Aluminum Extrusion Design
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Active Heat Sinks and Passive Heat Sinks–What’s the Difference?

What is a Heat Sink?

The heat sink (or heatsink) is an essential component in the manufacture of electronic devices. Devices such as computers, cell phones, and most other electronic devices, generate heat–and a lot of it–and if that heat is not dissipated somehow, it will reduce the efficiency of, or even destroy the essential components of the device such as a processor.

There are two major types of heat sinks:

Active Heat Sinks

An active heat sink uses an electronic device’s power supply to connect to a fan or a peltier device to actively divert heat away from the components by circulating air to cool the component or conduct heat away from it. Active heat sinks are often used in conjunction with passive heat sinks.

Passive Heat Sinks

Passive heat sinks have no mechanical parts, making them dependable and easy to install within electronics. Typically, these are constructed of aluminum and designed to spread heat over a large area and then radiating it away from the delicate components. shaped into thin strands known as fins. Fins allow air to slip in between them and help carry away heat for more efficiently than could be done by a solid block of aluminum of the same size.
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Material Advantages and Benefits of Aluminum – Part 2

Last month began our four-part series on the material advantages and benefits of aluminum. Aluminum is one of the most common elements on earth, easily recyclable, and has many benefits that make it perfect for the production of aluminum tubing.


One of the most beneficial aspects of aluminum is how easy it is to bend and shape into useful forms. This makes it perfect for a wide variety of uses. Everything from storing foods and beverages to commercial and industrial uses in the manufacturing, automotive, and electronics industries. This property of aluminum is what makes aluminum extrusion design for extruded aluminum heat sink manufacturing and aluminum seamless tubing possible.


At a one-third the weight of other conductive metals such as steel, copper and brass, aluminum is the preferred choice in industries that require their products to be light. The airline industry relies on aluminum for everything. Consider this: One 747 airliner has over 63 tons of aluminum within it. Airplanes require their components and parts to be extremely light, while maintaining considerable strength to manage the stresses of flight.

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Because aluminum can be so easily formed, through the aluminum extrusion design process, it is easy to make sure that the aluminum can be formed in such a way that it is strong where it is needed most.


Aluminum does not burn or produce toxic fumes when exposed to high heat. Because of this, it is the perfect metal for everything from building materials and mechanical parts to heat sink manufacturing. Aluminum is the preferred choice of metals when working in high heat conditions.

This is the end of part 2 of the Material Advantages and Benefits of Aluminum. Tune in next month for part 3.

To read the first part of this article check out: Material Advantages and Benefits of Aluminum – Part 1

For more information about aluminum and how it can be implemented as one of your thermal management solutions, give us a call at 888-000-8499 or go to our Contact page.
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Why Extruded Aluminum is the Best Material for Heat Sink Manufacturing

Heat sink manufacturers use a small range of materials for manufacturing heat sinks such as copper, aluminum, graphite foam, and even diamonds. Diamonds? Yes. And that one can be eliminated as a viable option due to the prohibitive expense of using them for heat sink manufacturing.

Graphite foam is a newer technology for heat sink manufacturing, but doesn’t work well in most electronic devices because of the higher heat generated within them. This heat cannot be dissipated efficiently because of the high interfacial resistance due to the porous nature of the foam. So graphite foam is not a good choice for mainstream electronics, but has been useful in applications in industries such as aviation and aerospace where low cost and ease of use is more important than performance.

Copper is the only rival for aluminum in heat sink manufacturing.

Copper has much better thermal connectivity, and because of this you would assume that it would be the most widely used material in heat sink manufacturing, but you’d be wrong. Copper is heavier and more expensive than aluminum. In fact, an aluminum heat sink weighs about 1/3 of what a similarly designed copper heat sink would. The high cost of copper can also be a barrier since it is not unusual for copper to be at least 3 times more expensive than aluminum.
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Material Advantages and Benefits of Aluminum – Part 1

Aluminum is the perfect material for seamless drawn tubing and heat sink manufacturing. This blog post series will explore the advantages and benefits of aluminum in depth.

Aluminum is extremely corrosion resistant, which is part of the reason why it is so popular for food and drink packaging. The corrosion resistance assures that aluminum will maintain its strength and appearance over time, thus making it the perfect material for seamless drawn tubing and heat sink manufacturing.

Cryogenically Strong
Aluminum handles extremely low temperatures very well. In fact, corrosion resistance, tensile, yield and impact strengths actually increase when exposed to the frigid cold. Where steel and iron get more brittle at low temperatures, aluminum remains the same. This is why aluminum is the preferred material in the construction of airplanes and ships which are often exposed to freezing temperatures.
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3 Things to Look for in an Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturer

There is a lot of information available on the heat sink manufacturing and many companies that offer extruded aluminum heat sink manufacturing services. But what should you look for?

Custom Solutions

The company should have the ability to design and manufacture thermal management solutions that meets your specific requirements and needs. As a custom aluminum extrusion company, Getec Industrial has the tools, equipment, process and years of experience necessary to assure that the aluminum extrusion design for your heat sinks match your exact performance requirements.

Ability to Handle High Aspect Aluminum Extrusions

Most aluminum heat sink suppliers are satisfied by providing products with a less than 6:1 aspect ratio, many times there is a need for high aspect ratio extrusions, up to 20:1 or even 30:1. Getec specializes in this type of thermal management solution.

Flexibility of Design

A good extruded aluminum heat sink manufacturer has the technology and expertise to determine which type of design will work best with your thermal management needs. Whether this involves the use of special cutting and shaving tools to produce a skived fin from a single block of aluminum, or the use of precision forging to form high-precision heat sinks, a flexibility in aluminum extrusion design is essential to assure that your heat sinks perform the way as you expect.

Find out more at
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Our #aluminum extrusion design and turnkey #manufacturing services produces products of superior quality control. Nobody does it better than Getec Industrial. We are committed to excellence in our products, our services and to total customer satisfaction. Learn more about the advantage of using us for extrusions:
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When it comes to being a leading North America extruded #aluminum housing company and providing aluminum extrusion profiles services, Getec delivers services for companies across the globe. As aluminum extrusion suppliers, we consistently deliver quality products within our scope of #manufacturing. It is our goal to focus on excellence for our customers:
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The Properties And Uses Of #Aluminum for #Extrusions - Extrusions are made with different materials, but aluminum is in high demand based on several advantages. See how through its customizable #manufacturing options:
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10 Varieties Of Heat Pipes - See 10 varieties of heat pipes produced by #manufacturers. With #aluminum, our cooling solutions are designed to transfer heat efficiently:
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