Weaponizing the Bronze Rule or
How I use the Bronze Rule to avoid having to do special things for weapons, and armor.

First off, thanks to +Paul Vencill for even asking me to provide an example of what I was saying. It hadn't occured to me to put it in writing before. Not in this way.

What follows is a list of weapons/armor illustrating that the Bronze Rule is all you need to give them depth, and value. I avoid things like Harm, Penetration, etc. My school of thought is that it is the wielder, and not the weapon you should fear. The weapon just gives them permission to jack up in that special way. Otherwise they'd have to use their teeth, and nobody's all that good with those. So anyway:
Note, the name of each object is an Aspect.

Aspect Only:
-Fiona's Dagger

Aspect + Skill:
-Sword of Divining
Find Water: Legendary

Aspect + Aspect + Aspect + Skills + Stunt:
-Bracers of Ron. That's right. Ron.
-"Yes we talk, AND we belong to Ron!"
-"Ron wouldn't do that!"
Impudence: Superb
Blocking: Superb
Lore: Good
Knows everything about Ron-
+2 to Lore regarding all things Ron related

Aspect + Skill + Stunt + Stress:
-Gun so smart it shoots itself
Shooting: Great
So easy a monkey could fix it-
The design of this weapon grants anyone attempting to repair, or maintain it a +2 to their Crafts when doing so.

Phys Stress:

Aspect + Stress + Consequences
-The really, really, impossible to break Sword

Phys Stress:


Each thing is just a character developed to a different degree, and what's more important is that it may be the case that not everything is known about each (Maybe through the course of the story the Bracers find out that Ron actually stole them from their rightful owner, for instance, or the PCs find out that the Smart Gun had a built in retractable bayonet the whole time, and they only just now found the switch), and the state of them might change.

The Bronze Rule is your friend, and it is what people are talking about when they refer to The Fractal as a solution. They are one, and the same.
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