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Arta Teivāne
I draw things.
I draw things.

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My New Blog
I have started a new blog at ! All my sketches, ideas, art, illustration, stories and such will be posted there from now on. Come join :)

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This blog is broken. Now onwards to new things!
Hello, blog.  IT HAS MOVED.   … kinda Since a massive image loss has occurred (thanks Picasa/google/whichever) I will possibly make all the posts since the year 2009. private and "leave" it for good. I'm fairly enjoying having a Wordpress based portfolio pa...

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*Facebook Page? -*
As I don't have the appropriate dedication for this blog, something more simple for my artsy updates go here, to my facebook page [clickies] ! Everyone's invited C:

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This blog has history!
Hello dear blogger blog, which I've neglected for the past.. well, long time. Things are going forward and I really like the fact that I used to update here frequently, but with the changing social media outlets, I've stuck to twittering, facebooking and in...
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