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Huge thank you's (personalized things to come later) to everybody who donated to either myself or Constantia for our MS Ride. Between the 2 of us we raised over $4,000 and the team over $17,000. Next up, the ACS Ride in mid-July!

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Something to get y'all pumped up for closing evening of Twelfth Night!

Approaching closing weekend is a kind of race against your own ghost. There's the rush of being close to finishing mixed with the reluctance to have it end. Ah, ephemera, how we adore your contradictions.

How to tell when you have an ensemble and not just a bunch of actors: When during tech rehearsal the rest of the cast is able to fill in the blanks for Sonnet 130. Thank you, Illyrians!

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Y'know how you plan on going through life with someone you can't imagine living without, you get separated, you each find out through your adventures who you really are on your own, and when you're reunited you've each become stronger than before with greater love and respect for the other. Y'know, if it were played upon the stage now I would deem it an improbable fiction.

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Opening the 2nd weekend of May!
First weekend: tickets $12 for adults and $10 for students/seniors
- May 10th, 8pm, Hair Band and Alternative night 
- May 11th, 8pm, Goth and Punk night 
- May 12th, 2pm, Mother's Day Matinee Teen Idol Jubilee
Second weekend: tickets $15 for adults and $12 for students/seniors
- May 17th, 8pm, Hip-Hop and R&B night 
- May 18th, 8pm, Superstars of Pop night

Runners, this cyclist salutes you with v2.0 of Zombies, Run! being released today. Keep running, no matter what.

It's the zombie apocalypse, dood,
Just the thing to ruin our mood.
You can run if you like,
I'll catch up on my bike,
While the rest of the world becomes snack food.

Puts on the beg/pimp/slash hat...
Last year Constantia and I rode the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Ride in Chestertown, but only did a metric century ride (100km).

This year we've finally had enough of cancer affecting our friends and family so we're upping the ante by adding the ACS Cancer Ride from Philly to NJ in July, AND we're aiming for two full centuries (100 miles instead of kilometers) for both rides.

I've made the required fundraising amount for both rides so donations aren't needed, but they do make a convenient tax deduction.
Although to be fair if you're feeling spectacularly generous I should let you know that Constantia is more ambitious in her fundraising and bakes a large batch of cookies for combined donations of $100 or more.

Honestly? It pisses me off that Robert E. Howard will never see a penny of the $12 I just paid for a Kindle version of his book.
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