For those with more money than sense / want to try the best things in life (think - iPhone X users ;-) ), or perhaps just a sense of curiosity to try the latest 'improvement' to a product that has been around for years, may I recommend the Klamt -

It is the re-imagining of the humble paperclip!

These actually do work well, they are robust, re-usable (more eco-friendly than staples) and costing several times more than paperclips you are less likely to be wasteful with them.

They also provide a talking point at meetings (if that sort of things appeals to you), not least because you can hand them to someone and ask them to work out how the operate - then watch with glee as they 'ping' their fingers due to the quite forceful opening / closing twang which can give you a fright if you don't know about it.

I use them at work because I am 'that guy'.
In my defence, I am also an engineer, so do admire a nicely (over) designed / executed product.

Only real minus points are the price and the gripper teeth will puncture a couple of layers of paper.

May even make an interesting Xmas stocking filler present for the office man / woman in your life.
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