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Roy Karl Bedford
Director-Screenwriter at Gothic FilmWorks
Director-Screenwriter at Gothic FilmWorks

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Very sorry to hear of the sudden passing of Greg Plitt.  He was a dedicated actor, even when playing against type.  I discussed this with him before we shot our short film, Gothic/Claustrophobia. This was a couple years after he left the Army Rangers but before he built up his physique, became well-known as a model/physical trainer and launched his series of fitness videos. I could see at the audition that he had the character down - you could see it in his eyes.  I asked him if I could be frank...  I told him I was quite impressed with how he could act against his type, but concerned he was a bit large for the part.  He was eager to do it, and worked to convince me he could make himself look smaller.  I was resistant for a few days, though I very much wanted to work with him on something at some point, and told him so.  But after I decided not to go with another actor, I gave him a call.  I went through the downside of taking the part - all the reasons he shouldn't do it.  Long days, no pay, etc. It was a very different role than one would expect from a guy out of Special Forces. He let me go through the whole spiel without interruption.  I asked if, given all that, was this something he really wanted?  He simply said, "Yeah, man.  Let's do it."

It was a great moment.  He brought his full effort to the film and gave me everything I wanted.  He was terrific to work with, and got on very well with everyone on the set.  Though he went on to a different career, I am grateful I got to know him for too brief a time.


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An article on my grandfather, German civilian POW George Kenner.
Includes a photo gallery with some of his art.

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WTC - 9/11 Memorial in Winter - Jan. 4, 2014
From my trip to New York last January. It was 18 degrees F. You can see ice behind the waterfalls.

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The world's first known permanent photograph, taken by the long overlooked Nicéphore Niépce in 1826 in France. This required an eight-hour exposure, long enough that the sunlight reflects off both sides of the buildings.

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My 12-minute suspense-horror short
can now be seen at
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I did a blog on this myself. More than a decade ago when I asked Frankenheimer about his editing technique, he was quick to say it was very important not to confuse the audience -- now that’s out the window...

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My grandfather, the P.O.W. artist George Kenner, is on Wikipedia. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to get to know the man...
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