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Open Eyes for Fall
Tears fill my eyes that are bittersweet. This year has been such a learning experience. With these new experiences comes a new love for the holidays. In the past I hated the holidays so much because they were always a family affair and like most families in...

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Been doing my best
Got C's dog yesterday for the weekend his parents are away. We went on a nice walk this morning and it was beautiful. Fall is here and the leaves are changing beautifully. A was over last night and we made dinner together. It was nice. I was able to get som...

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I watch you leave and pull at my heart strings, But I can not follow this time, I can't be spineless and let you do this again, I'm not going to run after you, You've made your bed and I want you to lay in it, I hate that you didn't choose me, It's too late...

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I've been expanding my Horizons
People always say that life has "endless possibilities" and I suppose that is true if you are pretty level headed. Unfortunately I'm not a level headed person and I have been avoiding expanding my horizons for some time. It stems from this fear of change as...

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Back to work so soon...
So I mentioned that I quit work on Tuesday. My boss called me on Wednesday and wanted me to come in to talk to his boss above him. Surprisingly everything that happened on Monday has been temporarily resolved. A recap of what happened on Monday; I came in a...
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