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Signal Watch Tweet Alive! ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK! FRIDAY at 9:00 Central!
We had a request from our Kansas City branch to get back into the Live-Tweet Business. It's been a long time, and Stuart pitched one of one of the best movies ever produced by humankind. The Movie:   Escape From New York Available streaming at:   Netflix or...

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Today I am 42
Sycamore Trees by David Lynch, Angelo Badalamenti and Little Jimmy Scott I got idea man You take me for a walk Under the sycamore trees The dark trees that blow baby In the dark trees that blow And I'll see you And you'll see me And I'll see you in the bran...

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That "Thor: Ragnarok" trailer is pretty cool
Look, I go and see every single Marvel Studios movie in the theater.  I just dig what they're up to, in general.  Point being - there was never any question whether or not they were getting my $12 for a ticket. Things I knew before the trailer came out: Tho...

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Arnie Watch: We went COMMANDO! (1985)
Thursday night we had nothing queued on the DVR, the Cubs weren't playing and I was pondering what we might put on the tube when Jamie said "Why don't we watch Commando? " I immediately ran over and began trying to remove the Jamie-disguise from whomever wa...

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Don Rickles Has Merged With the Infinite
What can you say?  Don Rickles was one of the five funniest people I can think of, and he was a pro and working right up til recent years, still himself and sharp as hell the last time I saw him on video. Some people's comedy doesn't age well - I'm not sure...

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Happy 80th Birthday to Billy Dee Williams
Happy 80th Birthday to the guy who gave me very specific ideas of what a cool guy was supposed to be like when I was about 5. Mom never did let me wear that cape. Just noticed - Finn has Lando's blaster in The Force Awakens .

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Noir Watch: The Blue Gardenia (1953)
I'm not entirely certain what to make of The Blue Gardenia (1953) , and possibly talking about it right after watching it is a mistake.  It was this week's pick on TCM's "Noir Alley", introduced by the great Eddie Muller. My current take on the film is that...

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Happy Birthday, Bette Davis
Today would have been the 109th birthday of Bette Davis

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Ghost Watch: Ghostbusters (2016)
So, I re-watched the 2016 Ghostbusters because Jamie said "I really want to rewatch the new Ghostbusters ".  So, we did. I still liked it okay.  It's not the original, and struggles when they have to stop goofing around and get through the actual plot. Some...

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MST3K Watch: The Final Sacrifice (1990)
For whatever reason, this has long been one of my top 5 MST3K episodes.  Well, that reason is primarily Zap Rowsdower, the burly, mustachioed, Canadian-tuxedo'ed co-star of the movie.  Paired with the weiniest kid to ever star in a movie, it's a match made ...
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