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DIY Lace Crown Tutorial
Hey!!! I recently made this for my sister who is expecting her first baby. I'm just a little bit excited to be having a baby niece... just a little... ok I'm flat ecstatic!! Anyway, I had a lot of requests for how to make this, so here's is my quick attempt...

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Crockpot Greek Chicken with Easy Tzatziki
This is a recipe that I have found many variations of on Pinterest, I've tried a couple different versions and this is what I found came together to make it UH-MAH-ZING! This is one of my favorite summer meals since it can be light on the stomach. You can t...

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Urban Pumpkin Patching
So, the house that we bought in December is on a moderately busy road, actually a we're on a double yellow line road. The neighbor we know the best is the Chinese restaurant two houses down and across the street. So when I say we went Urban Pumpkin Patching...

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The house with the yellow door
I've always wanted to paint my front door red. That was the first thing I promised myself I would do once I owned my own place. I've literally been pinning door painting tutorials for years in anticipation, and finally after being in the new house for six m...

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4th of July Weekend
To celebrate this fourth this year we spent the weekend at a friend’s lake house. I mean not actually in the house so much as in a camper with Nic’s parents but either way it. Was. Awesome. I seriously could get used to living in nature, and the kids agree,...

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learning to run
Almost exactly a year ago I went shopping with Kohl's cash and picked up a pair of Nike's. My thought was that maybe this time I could start running and things would be different than the last 20 times I tried to start running. I thought maybe with the righ...

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extreme spinning is not for me
This week was a crazy ride. After finishing the first season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix I decided that we have definitely been doing home decor wrong, also I can't wait to be 70. If you haven't seen the show I recommend you check it out, the two charac...

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the only pets we have are flushable
You may remember an earlier post about the possibility of a family pet, we really wanted a dog but would settle for a cheetah . Unfortunately for everyone involved Conner seems to be extremely allergic to dogs, and cats, and pretty much anything with fur th...

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When Shit Hits the Fan: A Tale of Friendship
Well, if you want to know what is new in our house these last couple of weeks I would have to say it is Tillie's potty training routine. Now that she has turned two I can finally see the light at the end of the diaper tunnel, my last baby is almost potty tr...

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Tillie Boo Boo
So... while we were out in Colorado a few weeks ago Tillie had her second birthday and we were very, very lucky to get to celebrate with our in town family. One of the amazing presents Tillie received was this adorable flamingo dress from my wonderful Aunt ...
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