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Amusing, and a little sad all at the same time.

I love technology . . . except when I don't.

In the rare down time between semesters, I have found myself with the opportunity to read for pleasure. At my wife's suggestion, I read a book on her Kindle. It wasn't my first reading experience on the Kindle—in fact, I have used the Kindle a lot. I love the Kindle, and just about everything about the experience of reading on it. Reading the book was great, even with booklight at night.

When I moved on to the second book, I used an actual book I checked out to the library. And honestly, I find the process of using an actual book to be a bit clunky in comparison to the Kindle. I love the limited movement/noise of only having to click a thumb to turn a page (especially when I'm reading in bed and Em is asleep and I'm trying to stay quiet—I can't help it, I'm a noisy page turner). The book is significantly bigger, it's heavier, and it's just more cumbersome all around.

But the problem is this. Now that Em and I have both read the book that she bought on her Kindle, we're stuck with it. That's my biggest problem with the e-book technology—they have worried so much about protecting the technology, they have made it too hard to do the most important thing that people love to do with a good book -- pass it on. I love buying and selling used books on and eBay, but I can't do that with the Kindle books. There is no secondary market. And that's going to be the biggest letdown about this technology when "the next big thing" in reading comes along -- there will be no way for this window of time to be captured.

Right now, if I were to stumble upon an old box of books somewhere, it'd be awesome. Even if I didn't know any of the authors or titles, I could try one out, or look them up, try to sell them, etc. Ten years from now, what is anyone going to do if they find an old Kindle?

I love having the Kindle technology. I just hate being stuck with the Kindle books when I'm done.

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If the rest of Jason Mraz's new album lives up to this new song, it is going to be simply amazing. I love this song already. Simply great.

Daylight Savings has made this feel like the longest day ever.

Ok Amazon, I am very impressed. The Amazon Kindle Owners' Lending Library is legitimately awesome.

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This might be the creepiest thing I have ever seen.

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This is the stuff of nightmares. Absolutely frightening events in Ohio right now.
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