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S.B. Linton (Autism Classroom) is the website where teachers and parents learn about autism. is the website where teachers and parents learn about autism.
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4 Reasons to Teach Social Skills to Non-Verbal students ... Social skills ideas ---video #autism #education 

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This trio is really becoming a major staple in classes for students with autism. Social Skills printables and the teen version of the same and Writing Printables for students with autism. #socialskills #TeachAQuickLesson #autism #GreatAddition2TheToolbox

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Are you Teaching in a Special Education Class or at a Special Needs Camp This Summer?
Sometimes teachers will make a change during the summer and
work at a summer camp or work in a special needs classroom for the summer.  When they do, they usually have a great and
rewarding experience.  The time is
getting closer, so I thought I would provi...

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Spring is Here: A Peek Inside of the Morning Work for March and April
I was really hoping to say it is Spring and the weather is beginning to feel great, but, today feels colder than most typical winter days around here. However, it is time to start exploring the March and April Morning Work .  As you can see it is filled wit...

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Homework, life skills and materials for individuals with autism.

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New Camera, New Possibilities
This new Nikon camera rocks!!!! I had it for a short while and did not really use it.  Boy was I missing out. I gave it a try today and was able to capture some good photos of my Transportation Structured Play Communication Board. Take a look.

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What to Teach When Teaching Play Skills to a Child with Autism (Play Series Part 3 of 3)
Play can be serious business.  For young children, play is where they learn important concepts and new skills. For some children, this comes easily, and for others, it does not. Sometimes, we have to teach play skills...but where do we even start?   First, ...

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Why Structure the Play for Students with Autism? (Play Series Part 2 of 3)
In the last post, the discussion focused on why we should teach play skills to students .  However, it is important to remember to structure the play period for the child. What does structuring you play session accomplish? For one, it helps establish some c...

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Why Teach Play Skills to Students with Autism?
Autism, by definition includes difficulties with social  skills, communication skills and sometimes behavior skills.  Although not everyone with autism has difficulty in all of these areas, each of these areas affects the ability to play.  Joint attention, ...

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Language Based Activities and Printables for Spring
Who is ready for Spring themed lessons?  I think it's time. These language based lessons have a spring theme.  They cover a variety of spring topics including weather, Cinco de Mayo, graduation and others. There are  printables about flowers as well.  Stude...
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